You wouldn’t believe how this young 90s actress looks today

There have been many nostalgic things about the 90s that most of that generation reminisces about. But there cannot be more nostalgic than movie and TV actors who made our lives wonderful and enjoyable. There are many actresses and actors who made our childhood and teenage memorable, but then disappeared from the scene, only to come back more beautiful and awesome. Here is a similar 90s child actress who has grown into a beautiful actress. Check her out.

1 Who is this actress?

The year was 1995 and Hollywood just got it most expensive movie ever in that year in form of Waterworld. The movie starred box office bigwig Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper and has a budget of a massive (at that time) of $172 million. It was a movie set in futuristic apocalyptic world set in water, where water has completely covered the land mass when polar ice caps melt away completely. In this movie, a young actress took everyone with surprise and that child actor was Tina Majorino, whose natural performance was acclaimed in an otherwise sad and a very expensive dud movie for producer/actor Kevin Costner.

Tina Majorino

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