This girl decided to live according to Kylie Jenner’s app and lived to tell the tale

Celebs love to spread the goodness that they experience in their day to day life. They want to influence millions of their followers (if they have them), by teaching them their way of living.


And internet gives them the perfect tool to do so. One such celebrity is Kim Kardashian’s model step sister Kylie Jenner. Jenner who is a model and reality TV star on Keeping up with the Kardashians, has come out with an app that tells her fans the secrets of her life. It tells them how to live life like she does and apparently it has become a big hit.
So a staff writer at Buzzfeed decided to follow the app and live like Kylie for some days and here is the experience of the woman.


1 Kylie Jenner and her app

Keeping up with the Kardashians’ star and model Kylie Jenner recently launched a lifestyle based app, and it’s been a big hit on iTunes. It has had an estimated 1.5 million downloads from mid-September onwards. People paid $2.99/month to subscribe to it, which means it has earned around $4.5 million till now.

The app has four segments: Glam, Looks, Lyfe, and Radio, which is something that plays songs that are marked by Kylie Jenner and you, can listen to them while receiving your hair extensions etc.

One woman, Leonora Epstein who is a staff writer for Buzzfeed, decided to live according to the app for some days and here is her experience.

Kylie Jenner and her app

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2 Day 1: the start

On day 1, Leonora dived straight into the first section of the app and decided to use the app for choosing some nail polish colors for herself. She tried the nail polishes and chose an Essie’s “Bell Bottom Blues” . She felt that it kind of matched with her first blue nail paint which she put in 1995, to which her grandmother said that the color made her look like she had some hand disease.

the start

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3 Day 2: Make up Tutorial

Day 2 started with the beauty part of Kylie’s app. Leonora decided to try the “Crimped + Peachy” tutorial in order to get a look, which Kylie sports, but the problem was that Kylie’s makeup artist had used close to 16 precise products, which would have cost Leonora $544.

She decided to make do with whatever she had and followed the easy tutorial word by word and learnt a lot about techniques and shades.

The real test she felt was when she returned to her working desk. People praised her for her look and she felt totally awesome for the rest of the day.

Make up Tutorial

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4 Day 3: Kylie Diet

The next section on the app is Kylie’s Lyfe section, where you’ll find a glimpse into her private life.

The thing Leonora decided to do was, to follow a list of Kylie’s favourite snacks: Lucky Charms, Diet Coke, strawberry Twizzlers, Oreos, fruit punch Gatorade, Tiny Twist Pretzels and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

But her experience of eating what Kylie eats, left her starving by the end of the day since she was unable to finish each packet of the factory-made edibles.

Kylie Diet

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5 Day 4: styling tips

Next she took tips from Kylie’s app on styling and dressing. She bought herself some sunglasses and cross body bags. She used the accessories for many days and received positive response on her looks and dressing. Though the dressing was more suitable for Kylie’s built and body shape, the writer was very happy that she was able to pull off the same look easily.

styling tips

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6 Day 5: Red hair

On day five, she decided to color her hair red as Kylie did, when she reached 18 years of age. She used a color changer app in order to color her hair red and this made her recall the time when she was young and obsessed with red hair in the 90s.

Red hair

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7 Lessons learnt from living using Kylie’s app

After having lived according to the app for a few days, Leonora found out that Kylie’s app was more fun for her fans. But while experimenting, she noted the following things:

  • The user familiarity is terrible. She had to login 8-9 times while using the app and that is not an optimal
    app design. Also the app had terrible navigation.
  • Kylie’s beauty routine is extremely costly.
  • Her style is very specific and is somewhat impractical for everyday life.
  • She thinks that the app can be a ‘constructive thing’ for the youths. It tilts towards fun-oriented activities rather than unattainable lifestyle objectives.
  • She gives Kylie full marks for her inputs in the app especially for posting
    about anti-bullying movements and other relatable stuff.

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