These 6 hollywood celebs fighting serious diseases will make your hearts go out for them


The life of celebrities looks perfect to us, but we forget the fact that they are also human beings who experience, encounter, and endure different phases of life in the same way as a common man does. The fancy clothes and layers of makeup hide many emotions and ordeals behind it. For the spectators, they are celebrities, but for life, a millionaire is not much different from a normal person. So, when it comes to the sufferings of life, diseases are the worst one to tackle with as no one knows where it will end.

To the shock of the readers, many celebrities who are giving unbeatable performances back to back are a prey of some fatal diseases. What’s applaudable about these celebrities is the courage with which they fight their severe illness. Let’s take a look at some Hollywood celebs fighting serious diseases.

1 Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is among those famous celebs fighting serious diseases. Well, this man is getting old but his energy level is no where less than a young Hollywood star. In 2013, Morgan Freeman was diagnosed of fibromyalgia. The symptoms of include extreme pain and tenderness in the muscles, tendons, joints, and other tissues. Morgan has excoriating pain in his arms and this illness worsened when this versatile actor when he met with a car accident. Since then, he finds it difficult to use his arms properly.

However, he doesn’t speak much about it in public, and is a proud man who still plays golf, and doesn’t depend on anyone for his work.

Morgan Freeman

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2 Tom Hanks

The You’ve got mail actor Tom Hanks, was diagnosed of Type 2 diabetes. He revealed the bitter truth during the promotion of his film Captain Phillips.

Tom Hank is known for his multi talented personality; he has been a famous Hollywood actor, producer, and writer. The doctors advised him to lose some weight, but Hank laughed it off saying that he can’t get back to the school days.

The prime reason of type 2 diabetes is obesity, but we can clearly see that Tom is nowhere close to an obsessed person. According to him, his improper diet can be the cause of his disease. However, now he keeps a check on his health through a well defined diet and workout.

Tom Hanks

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3 Catherine Zeta Jones

The Welsh actress, who has bagged BAFTA award for a flawless acting, is among the celebs fighting serious diseases. She is actually going through a bipolar phase. After Catherine was diagnosed of her bipolar disorder, she willingly opted for a rehab centre. In scientific terms, bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that leads to extreme changes in thinking, mood, and behavior.

It is said that the actress developed this syndrome due to the stress that she went through during her husband’s throat cancer. Zeta Zones believes that this disorder should not be hidden and she also says ”There is no shame in seeking help. This is a disorder that affects millions of people and I am one of them”. The daring nature of Zeta Zones is worth thousand applauds.

Catherine Zeta Jones

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4 Kim Kardashian

What can be worse for an actress than having red patches on her beautiful skin? Kim Kardashian discovered flaky red patches on her skin in 2011. After being diagnosed, she found that it was the sign of Psoriasis. The confident lady is open about her psoriasis since it was aired in one of her shows “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

Psoriasis is a disease developed because of weaker immune system and no foreign body is responsible for this disease. The red patches are followed by thick silvery scales. According to experts, it can arise because of the high stress, alcohol, smoking, and certain medicinal reactions.

Kardashian is fighting this disease with all efforts and trying and experimenting with a number of creams.

Kim Kardashian

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5 Halle Berry

The former Miss Teen and the Oscar winning actress is battling with Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 22. In 1989, she was diagnosed with diabetes and also went into a diabetic coma for a week. The incident took place when she was shooting for her TV show Living Dolls.

The case of Halle was a bit critical as she was misdiagnosed. She was actually suffering from Type 1 diabetes, but was misdiagnosed as suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Even with so much of suffering, this stunning diva made a irreplaceable place in Hollywood and is counted among the list of the most sexy and beautiful people around the world. Health is the first priority of this lady and she never misses on her workout regime.

Halle Berry

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6 Toni Braxton

A life with Lupus is never easy, but a 15-year-old girl fought with the deadly disease very well. The Grammy Award winner Toni Baxton, is quite young and unfortunately featuring in this list of celebs fighting serious diseases. She was told about her disease when she was 15 years old.

Lupus is one of those autoimmune diseases that may affect multiple parts of the body. It can be the lungs, skin, heart, kidney, joints as well as the whole nervous system.

According to Toni Braxton, it’s like having flu every day. While performing during a show in 2008, she just collapsed and the doctors confirmed it to be a baby heart attack. Again in 2012, she was hospitalized because of her severe illness. But Lupus could not keep her away from the stage and she continues to rule the heart of her fans.

Toni Braxton

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The zeal to live the life and bravery of these celebrities is a true inspiration for human beings.


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