These 6 hollywood celebs fighting serious diseases will make your hearts go out for them

The life of celebrities looks perfect to us, but we forget the fact that they are also human beings who experience, encounter, and endure different phases of life in the same way as a common man does. The fancy clothes and layers of makeup hide many emotions and ordeals behind it. For the spectators, they are celebrities, but for life, a millionaire is not much different from a normal person. So, when it comes to the sufferings of life, diseases are the worst one to tackle with as no one knows where it will end.

To the shock of the readers, many celebrities who are giving unbeatable performances back to back are a prey of some fatal diseases. What’s applaudable about these celebrities is the courage with which they fight their severe illness. Let’s take a look at some Hollywood celebs fighting serious diseases.

1 Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is among those famous celebs fighting serious diseases. Well, this man is getting old but his energy level is no where less than a young Hollywood star. In 2013, Morgan Freeman was diagnosed of fibromyalgia. The symptoms of include extreme pain and tenderness in the muscles, tendons, joints, and other tissues. Morgan has excoriating pain in his arms and this illness worsened when this versatile actor when he met with a car accident. Since then, he finds it difficult to use his arms properly.

However, he doesn’t speak much about it in public, and is a proud man who still plays golf, and doesn’t depend on anyone for his work.

Morgan Freeman

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