The famous controversial women in history


Both women and men are connected to scandals and controversy; however, scandalous women are always a special treat, there is something that just makes them more hermetical and mystical. Here are some of the outstanding women who changed the course of everyday life and were crowned as “bad girls” and “living controversies”.

1 Bettie Page

The famous American pin-up model and the real bad girl of the 1950’s. Her deep blue eyes, black hair, and unforgettable bangs made her the “Queen of Pinups”. She was famous for her photographs in Playboy and her “glamour photography”, but also for her style which included sadomasochistic and fetish modelling, which made her the first sexy lingerie and bondage model in history. Bettie Page suffered from depression and severe mood swings and she was often hospitalized in a psychiatric institution.

Bettie Page

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2 Cleopatra

She was the great ruler of ancient Egypt but also the greatest known seductress of all times. She seduced Julius Caesar and then his successor Mark Anthony. She used her cleverness and sex appeal to easily get whatever she wants. She was actually a femme fatale – Mark Antony took his own life and Cleopatra killed herself with a snake bite or with a mixture of wolfsbane, hemlock, and opium. Pretty fatal, wasn’t she?


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3 Gia Carangi

The American beauty of fatal fate and the first real supermodel of the 1980’s. As a controversial and addictive personality, Gia hooked up on heroin pretty quickly and her short but successful career rapidly failed. She was one of the first known victims of AIDS of which she died in great pain at her 26 years of age. Her life was dramatized for the big screen featuring the real bad girl of Hollywood – Angelina Jolie.

Gia Carangi

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4 Angelina Jolie

This badass woman is just full of surprises – her relationships, tattoos, humanitarian work, breast cancer prevention initiative, adopted children, etc. She was once married to the famous actor Billy Bob Thornton and in order to publicly declare her love, she wore a vial filled with his blood around her neck – he did so as well. She later covered-up a tattoo dedicated to him, after they split up. Her next victim was Brad Pitt, whom she divorced from the famous actress Jennifer Aniston. Pitt was completely enchanted as the two of them are still happily married with six children and Jolie underwent a preventive double a mastectomy after learning she could be a victim of potential breast cancer.

Angelina Jolie

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5 Isadora Duncan

She was an American dancer of pro-Soviet affinity for which she was banned from the United States when she was 22; she lived in Western Europe and the Soviet Union until her symbolic death. Isadora was a liberal and a bisexual and she was trying to introduce a new dancing technique, thus changing the traditional ballet movements. She was a Communist and she was fond of scarfs; one of those was fatal as one day she entangled herself around the wheel of a moving car. She broke her neck and immediate death occurred. The famous red scarf symbolized her communist sympathies and she wore it on stage, shouting: “This is red! So am I!”

Isadora Duncan

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6 Virginia Woolf

The famous British modernist author and the controversial icon of the 20th century. Woolf was considered a bisexual and a feminist. Woolf was one of the most talented lady-writers but unfortunately, she suffered from a severe bipolar condition which actually marked her entire life leading her to drowning herself at the age of 59. Her husband Leonard was a victim of her manic stadiums, mood swings, breakdowns and her numerous suicide attempts. Woolf practically drowned herself in depression and sorrow.

Virginia Woolf

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