The famous controversial women in history

Both women and men are connected to scandals and controversy; however, scandalous women are always a special treat, there is something that just makes them more hermetical and mystical. Here are some of the outstanding women who changed the course of everyday life and were crowned as “bad girls” and “living controversies”.

1 Bettie Page

The famous American pin-up model and the real bad girl of the 1950’s. Her deep blue eyes, black hair, and unforgettable bangs made her the “Queen of Pinups”. She was famous for her photographs in Playboy and her “glamour photography”, but also for her style which included sadomasochistic and fetish modelling, which made her the first sexy lingerie and bondage model in history. Bettie Page suffered from depression and severe mood swings and she was often hospitalized in a psychiatric institution.

Bettie Page

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