Tension Between Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle? Someone Close To The Family Confirms It!

10Her movie roles

Meghan usually worked on TV shows although she did appear on the big screen. Her first movie debut was just as a passenger on the plane in the movie ‘A Lot Like Love’. The then went on to star in movies like ‘Remember Me’, ‘Horrible Bosses’, ‘Random Encounters’ and her last movie appearance was in 2015’s ‘Anti-Social’. Her roles in movies weren’t that big and her career wasn’t that long or significant.

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11Is she unhappy?

Looking at Meghan or even Kate from the eyes of a common man, they don’t have any reason to be unhappy. They are both very beautiful, young and talented women. They are married to two fine, young, handsome and respected men and are a part of the British royal family. So, is there a reason to be Prince Harry’s wife and be unhappy?

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12Prince Harry and Meghan are moving away

There were rumors circulating the Internet that the newlyweds would be moving out of Kensington Palace. The royal compound was there for more than a dozen family members of the royal family. The rumors turned out to be true when the couple themselves announced that they were moving out. This added fuel to fire to what was going on between Prince Harry and William.

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13All smoke and no fire?

Could all these rumors be false and just fake news with no substantial truth behind them? Maybe Harry didn’t like what William said and the two came to terms about what was actually meant behind the sentence. Maybe because of their busy schedules and not being seen together these rumors were spread. It could be this or there might actually be tension between the two brothers.

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14The difference between Kate and Meghan

When the world came to know who would be Prince Harry’s bride-to-be, the world began comparing Kate and Meghan. Many believed Kate was better suited to be a member of the royal family as she was British and had a long relationship with William before they got engaged. When it came to Meghan people were not as kind. Questions from her acting career to her mixed-race heritage to how well she would perform as a member of the royal family arose.

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15Marriage changes people

There has been a long believed quote that marriage changes people, whether this is true or false in this case cannot be spoken about as of now. Both couples have huge responsibilities being a part of the British royal family. They both have to act a certain way to keep the family’s head held high in public and have to watch their every move. Arguments take place in every family and there is always sibling unrest.

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