Tension Between Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle? Someone Close To The Family Confirms It!

6The hidden truth

If what Lady Colin is saying is to be believed then things were getting ugly under the surface of the royal family and between the brothers. She goes on to say that the rift started before the marriage when Prince William apparently questioned Meghan’s suitability as a member of the royal family and even raised his doubts over how she would be able to cope with the responsibilities of the royal family.

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7Why was Prince William concerned?

Prince Willam’s concern for his brother came from seeing how fast the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan moved. According to the royal author, Katie Nicholl, Prince William felt that the relationship between his brother and Meghan moved too quickly. He even apparently asked his brother if he felt the same.

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8Concern taken as criticism

This was just a concerned brother voicing his concern but unfortunately, Prince Harry didn’t feel that way. Being in a relationship with Meghan and being protective of her, Prince Harry felt like Prince William was criticizing Meghan. This is where the rift started forming.

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9Meghan’s sacrifice

To become a member of the royal family Meghan did have to sacrifice a lot, the biggest being her acting career. She started out in TV shows from the year 2002 in the TV show General Hospital and her last TV show appearance was in Suits. She was a member of the Suits cast from 2011-2018.

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