8 Teenagers Who Made Millions for Their Own Unique Reasons

6Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald made millions playing poker and earned a lot as a teenager in spite of his parent’s wishes who wanted him to do something else. Born in 1989 in Canada, McDonald is now on record as the youngest person to win on the European Poker Tour and the European Poker League.

Image Source: www.globalpokerindex.com

One of the youngest to win in a major poker league

As of July 2014, McDonald was ranked #7 on the Global Poker Index and won his first EPT German open when he was 18. That was in 2008 which made him richer by $1,370,161. He has had several notable wins as winner and runner up in various tournaments and came 2nd in the 2014 Pokestars Caribbean Adventure main event earning just over $1,000,000. He is currently won over $13,200,000 in live tournaments alone.

Image Source: pocketfives.com

7Maddie Bradshaw

Maddie Bradshaw is a designer who has decorated lockers using only bottle caps. Her work has gained her a lot of media attention and she has also been asked by several people to decorate their house in her signature style.  Her earnings from her unique business are over $1.6 million a year.

Image Source: www.curricula-co.org

She made her first million when she was 13

Maddie made her first million when she was just 13. She is now just 17 and is the founder of M3 Girl Designs, her own jewelry company that now sells 60,000 items a month through retail and on Amazon. Her idea started y accident when she was just 10 and decorated her school locker with bottle caps and magnets. This was a hit with other girls who wanted her to design theirs too. She soon turned this idea into a business and called her items Snap caps which sold out at a local store. Today her designer jewelry is sold by over 6000 US retailers making her among the youngest millionaires in the US.

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8Matt Wegryzn

As one of the smart millionaires, Wegryzn began selling domain names for a business and earned quite well from it. Originally from Poland, Matt came to New York to live his dreams and he did just that.  At 19 he became a millionaire selling domains of which some were in excess of $50,000. He revealed in an interview in 2007 that it wasn’t easy and he would go to bed every day exhausted after researching domains to buy and sell. Well, that is what money making is all about, hard work and dedication.

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