8 Teenagers Who Made Millions for Their Own Unique Reasons

3Gary Martin

Gary Martin is the king of real estate and started dealing in it when he was just seventeen years old. He is now one of the most powerful and youngest business tycoons in the world and actually started off his career running a pub with a friend. He is now the owner of a multimillion dollar company. Gary Martin made his first million when he was 17.  He purchased his first property when he was 16 and that too with the gifted money he received for his first communion. He put down a cash deposit of 45,000 pounds and later sold it after 3 weeks for 86,000 pounds.

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He diversified into construction

He kept in buying and selling launching his own real estate company in the process. He sold off his entire real estate business when Ireland real estate industry faced a property crash and after two years got into the construction business from scratch with no experience. Today he does deals and projects with companies like Howard de Walden estate and says al his projects are in the value of over 0.5 million pounds.

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4Abbey Fleck

Abbey Fleck may be 33 and married today but she could well be the most impressive millionaire on this list for being an inventor and having created a microwave bacon cooking plate in 1993 when she was just 8 years old. It was her father who was facing bankruptcy at the time saw his fortunes turn with Abbey’s invention whom he improved upon and named Makin Bacon.

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Her invention was a huge hit

Makin bacon was a huge hit with the public and in 1994, the Flecks made a record deal with Wal-Mart who went on to sell 2.7 million pieces. In 2010 Makin Bacon crossed $800,000. The Flecks also went on to market a new invention which was an aerodynamic wheel that also fetched $2.2 million. Today, they run a company A de F Ltd with 53 employees.

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5Courtney Stodden

When Courtney Stodden was just 16, she made an appearance in the fashion world of modeling and beauty industry.  She learnt acting from her 51-year-old partner Doug Hutchinson whom she married in 2011 when she was just 17 thrusting her into the limelight. She then appeared on episodes like “Couples Therapy” and Celebrity Big Brother.

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A young millionaires

From a young age, Stodden who was born in 1994 was known for her mature looks. She was passionate about singing and dancing from a very young age and even began writing her own music. After being bullied at school she was homeschooled through online tuition and began modeling early.  She even hosted her own TV show in 2009 at the age of 14. She also took part in beauty pageants and embarked on a singing career. After being briefly managed by her mother, Hutchinson took over as her manager and the rest was history.

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