8 Teenagers Who Made Millions for Their Own Unique Reasons

There is an equal amount of billionaires too like the Bezos, Mas, Jobs and Mittals who achieved billionaire status through hard work, ideas and determination. These are people who were passionate about their goals and with careful strategies made bags of money in their bargain.  But, there are also many others who have become millionaires and made money for unexpected reasons and unique trades. Some of them started minting money even in their teen life. Such people are also an inspiration to go and follow your dreams as you never know how things may work out. Take a look at 8 of these teen millionaires in the world.


1Danielle Bregoli

Danielle is just 15 years old but is already a television personality known by her popular stage name Bhad Bhabie that she pronounces “Bad Baby”. She was quite famous for her arrogant tones and sassy dialogues the first of which she spoke on an episode of Doctor Phil when she said the phrase ‘catch me outside” which got her huge attention and went on to be part of viral memes and a catch phrase.

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The youngest rapper to sign a record deal

Born Danielle Marie Bregoli, she is also a rapper and musician.  Bregoli became the youngest female rapper to be featured on the Billboard Hot 100 charts with her famous single “These Heaux” in 2017  when she was just 14. She was soon signed on by Atlantic records for a record-breaking multi-album deal.  Although credit goes to her for her rap and singing talent, she gained more fame with the episode on Dr. Phil and her style of speaking her mind.

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2Jordan Maron

When Jordan Maron was just 18, he became a YouTube personality uploading videos of himself playing Minecraft. He son achieved celebrity status as a star gamer and was making so much money that he even quit college top appear on YouTube full time. This soon became his new found profession and is actually a millionaire doing something he loves and that’s gaming.

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He became a millionaire doing what he loves

Born in LA California, Maron studied computer science at California University Santa Barbara but dropped out in his sophomore year for a full-time profession as a YouTube gamer and reviewer. He owns seven active YouTube channels where he uploads tutorial videos on games like Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Minecraft and his own game Fortress Fury. After several different channels trying various gaming content, he focused on his main channel is Jordan reacts where he reacts to subreddits and plays games like Minecraft.  He is now a millionaire who owns luxury sports cars including the exclusive Ford GT 2017.

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