12 Things Suri Cruise Will Never Be Able To Do Because Of Her Dad Tom Cruise

9No parent teacher conferences


Suri Cruise also does not get to bring both her parents to her school’s parents teacher meets. Since, Tom is super busy, and Suri lives with Katie, it is obvious that her mom is the one who goes to meet her teachers, and not her superstar dad.

suri cruise with parents

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10No travelling

Star kids usually have a jet-setting lifestyle. They not only get to travel the world, but they get to vacation in the most exotic places with their parents. But since, Suri’s parents are not on good terms, and Suri does not share Tom’s lifestyle, Suri does not get to travel with her parents as much.

suri cruise enjoying with parents

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11Avoiding questions

Chances are little Suri gets asked about her famous dad a lot, but since she never sees him, it puts her in a strange spot. Tom loves Suri, and despite reports if a reconciliation, he has not met her, or made nice with Katie Holmes.

Avoiding questions

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12A forever torn family?

Since, Katie and Tom are so distant, and are not even on speaking terms, the chances of them resuming their relationship, or even their friendship are slim. Tom is seeing other women, and Katie is dating actor Jamie Foxx, and the two have obviously moved on with their life. And since,they show no signs of a reunion, Suri might never have her whole family together again. Which means no Christmas dinners with both her parents, or even family reunions.

Katie and Tom are so distant

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