12 Things Suri Cruise Will Never Be Able To Do Because Of Her Dad Tom Cruise

5Not a superstar’s life

Suri’s mom Katie has admitted that she still uses public transport, but that can never be the case for Tom Cruise. Since Katie is not a big star, Suri too is not treated like a super famous star kid. Brangelina’s kids for example only travel by private transport, including private jets. But Suri Cruise has had to get used to the commoner’s life.

Katie and Suri in New York

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6No designer wardrobe

Being on difficult terms with her father has cost Suri Cruise a lot of things. As a kid, when her parents were together, Suri was seen in the most expensive of couture clothes. But now, she dresses just like any other 11-year-old. It makes sense that she does not really have access to custom-made designer clothing anymore.

No designer wardrobe

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7Normal lifestyle

Katie Holmes seems to be determined to give Suri a normal childhood. She herself has no starry airs, and runs her own errands and travels by the subway. For Suri, too, she has her accustomed to a regular life, unlike that of a celebrity kid. And Suri seems to be in the habit of a non-flashy life.

Suri Cruise Katie Holmes

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8No red carpet appearances

Tom Cruise makes some of the biggest movies, whereas Katie Holmes only stars in small-budget independent productions or TV series. But Tom can never bring Suri to his red carpet appearances. Which also spells out a major miss for little Suri, as she can’t rub shoulders with the stars, or get to see her dad’s movies at the premiere. And since, Katie has kept Suri away from the limelight, she doesn’t bring Suri to her red carpets either.

No red carpet appearances

Image Source: www.circleofbollywood.in

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