12 Things Suri Cruise Will Never Be Able To Do Because Of Her Dad Tom Cruise


When Suri Cruise was born in 2006, Hollywood found its newfound obsession with star kids. She was followed wherever she went with her parents, from the zoo to school. Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes were married back then and played doting parents to little Suri. But now, that Tom and Katie have a bitter divorce behind them, Suri’s life has also undergone a tremendous change. She spends most of her time with her mom Katie and almost never gets to see her dad. It was recently revealed that Suri has not met her dad in more than six months. Tom loves Suri, but the fact that he has not seen his youngest child in months does not help out his fatherly cred. Suri is now 11, but does not enjoy a normal relationship with her dad. Here are the things which Suri can’t do with her dad.

tom cruise with daughter

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1No A-lister status

Now that Suri and her dad are so apart, Suri does not enjoy her earlier fame. As she is not in great terms with her dad, Tom’s fans are not really interested in her. Also, she is not given a VIP treatment anymore, as her mom Katie is not exactly an A-lister.

Tom Cruise reunites with Suri

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2Not getting answers

Tom and Katie’s divorce happened over religious beliefs. Tom was way too involved with Scientology and Katie was not okay with it. Chances are Scientology questions are off limits for Suri. She might be curious about the cult or its practices but might not be getting any answers from her mom.

Tom and Katie's divorce

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3No hanging out with dad

Every kid, even star kids get to hang out with both their parents, even after their divorce. Take Brangelina’s kids for instance. Even after a messy split, their six children live with their mom Angelina Jolie and yet get to see Brad Pitt from time to time. But Suri doesn’t get to hang out with her dad at all. In fact, she doesn’t even get to visit him casually.

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4No co-parenting

In the lives of children of divorces, co-parenting is an absolute must. Even if a child’s parents are apart, they must co-operate to give the child a normal childhood. Several famous exes like Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, co-parent their kids. But Suri has no such luck. She is just 11 and obviously needs both her parents. But since Tom and Katie can’t see eye-to-eye, co-parenting is not an option.

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