Short male celebrities who have made it big in Hollywood


Hollywood does have its fair share of short men and no, it’s not just Tom Cruise or Prince. Though these 10 celebrities listed below are short in stature, they do possess loads of talent and that’s why height doesn’t really matter to them because they have the best of everything, including tall girlfriends too. So here are the famous short guys of Hollywood.

1 Bruno Mars- 5foot 5

Bruno Mars may be tipping the scales at just 5’ 5’’ but that doesn’t make him short of accomplishments. Bruno Mars has amassed a fortune from selling 10 million albums worldwide. This including around 58 million singles. He has also won 5 Grammy nominations. At 30 he is an established performer, music producer and songwriter too.

Bruno Mars

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2 Josh Hutcherson – 5’ foot 6

Most fans know Josh Hutcherson as Hunger games character ‘Peeta’.But, Josh is actually 3 inches shorter than co-star Jennifer Lawrence who stands tall at 5’9’. Josh Hutcherson is just 5’6’’.

Josh Hutcherson

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3 Short Male Celebrities Who Have Made itBig in Hollywood3 Elijah Wood – 5 foot 6

It was only natural for this popular actor to be chosen for the iconic role of ‘Frodo Baggins’ in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Elijah Wood made a very suitable Hobbit and his height made it easier.In case you didn’t know, Elijah Wood has also lent his voice to the main character of Disney animation movie ‘Happy Feet’.

Elijah Wood

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4 Michael J Fox – 5 Foot 4

Canadian actor Michael J Fox, now 54, will always be remembered for his role as Marty Mcfly in popular 80’s franchise ‘Back to the Future’. Besides being an actor, the 5’4’’ Fox is also a movie producer, DJ and advocate. Incidentally ‘Backto the Future’ was the highest grossing movie of 1985 worldwide.

Michael J Fox

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5 Daniel Radcliffe – 5 foot 5

Would Daniel Radcliffe really care about being 5’5’’? The actor, whom we all will remember as ‘Harry Potter’ forever,has earned more than $6 million from the Harry Potter franchise. Radcliffe became the second richest boy in England,second only to Royal Prince Harry.

Daniel Radcliffe

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6 Woody Allen – 5 foot 5

Actor, director, producer, screen writer and four times Oscar winner with 24 nominations till date, you can’t get bigger than Woody Allen. Now an octogenarian, the 80 years old Woody Allen stands just 5’5’’short or tall whatever you want to call it. It would hardly make a difference when you’ve earned millions.

Woody Allen

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7 Martin Scorsese – 5 foot 3

Big time producer, director Martin Scorsese has had a number of successful films to his credit. Scorsese now 73 has won every award you can think of including an AFI lifetime achievement award. With such titles like Raging Bull, Gangs of New York, and Goodfellas under his belt, Martin Scorsese stands at 5’3’. However that doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to his creativity.

Martin Scorsese

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8 Danny Devito – 5 foot 0

Danny Devito has got to be the shortest actor in Hollywood. The funny man who has had noteworthy roles in movies such as Fist, Terms of Endearment, Taxi and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest has proved that height is no criteria for talent. The 5 feet nothing actor has even won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his role in Taxi.

Danny Devito

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9 Kevin Hart – 5 foot 2

Kevin Hart, now 34, from Philadelphia maybe just 5’2’’ but this actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer has had a series of successful runs. He is well known for his funny man roles in comedy serials and movies like Scary Movie and Superhero. Hart is engaged to beautiful leggy model Eniko Parish

Kevin Hart

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10 Sylvester Stallone – 5 foot 7

Amount all short celebrities, would being 5’ 7’’ make much of a difference when you are Sylvester Stallone??? Stallone, now 69, will always be famous for the highly successful Rocky franchise. Written by him, the 1976 blockbuster Rocky launched Stallone to super stardom. Apart from being inducted into the national film registry, the film’s props are displayed at the Smithsonian.

Sylvester Stallone

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