Shannen Doherty shares her battle with Cancer in a heartbreaking interview for her fans

How many of you now Shannen Doherty? Well Shannen is a popular American actress, Television director, producer and author. She is well known for her role as Brenda Walsh in the TV series Beverly Hills, 90210. She has also acted as Prue Halliwell in Charmed.


Unfortunately For Shannen, she was diagnosed with Cancer in 2015. That of course is no less a devastating and traumatic piece of information for anyone to learn. But what is commendable is how Shannon Doherty is battling cancer that is truly motivating for many.

1 What Shannen had to say?

Despite of being afflicted with cancer, Shannen refuses to sit in a corner and cry; she stands strong and says that cancer has done amazing things for her. Cancer has enabled her to be herself and get in touch with the real person she is and not what the world thinks her to be. Cancer has shown her how the vulnerable person she feels she always was. “But I think it got hidden behind a lot of other stuff.”


Shannen underwent the procedure of a single mastectomy hoping that would control the spread of the disease. Sadly though, doctors had sore real heartbreaking news for Shannen.

Shannen Doherty

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2 The cancer was spreading

Instead of recovering with her surgery, Shannen ws told by doctors that the cancer had spread. Oncologists explained how it had spread to her lymph nodes and that was a dangerous development. Even Radiation Chemotherapy wasn’t helping as the cancer was slowly enveloping her whole body.

Although Shannen feels and thinks positive saying that her cancer and predicament was manageable, she was more worried how the disease was affecting her family and loved ones. Watch on video to find out how Shannen Doherty is battling cancer.


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