15 Secrets Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Hiding Away From The World

This might just be the wedding of the century and for the first time ever the Royal family has acquired some major Hollywood cred owing to their future daughter-in-law Meghan Markle. A prince marrying a TV bombshell? That’s going to be in the headlines for a while. And while Harry and Meghan seem perfectly in love, they obviously have some secrets. Not only are there sketchy details about their pasts and backgrounds which they are hiding away from the world, but people are also questioning the integrity of their relationship.

1Meghan’s dysfunctional family

Not only are Meghan’s parents divorced but her half-siblings have been doing everything they can to ruin Meghan’s Royal future. It is well known that divorce is looked-down upon by the Royal family. Not only is Meghan divorced, but her parents are too, and her half-brother has been arrested and has a sketchy reputation. Needless to say the Royals, especially the Queen, can’t be thrilled about this. The Royals of course prefer conservative family backgrounds like Kate Middleton’s and not police records, divorces and shady half-siblings.

Meghans dysfunctional family

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2Meghan’s half-sister

Meghan’s half-sister Samantha has left no stone unturned to defame Meghan. 53-year-old Samantha and Meghan share the same father and spent some years together when Meghan was a kid. Not only has Samantha gone public to claim that Meghan is selfish and is a social climber, but she has also said that the truth about Meghan will kill her relationship with Harry.

Meghan's half-sister

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3Meghan’s father does not approve of Harry

Meghan’s father Thomas Markle grabbed headlines recently when he publicly disproved Prince Harry. During an interview, Harry claimed that the Royals are like the family Meghan never had. This, of course, offended Thomas and Meghan’s half-brother took to the media to claim that Meghan has always had a family and Harry was very wrong.

Meghan's father

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4Why is Meghan being dodgy about her past?

From deleting old Instagram posts about her parents to claiming that she doesn’t know her half-siblings, Meghan has been suspiciously secretive about her family. It is understood widely that she is only close to her mother Doria and does not want to have any ties with any member of her distant family. In fact Meghan’s half-brother is not even sure if he’s going to get invited to the Royal wedding.

Meghan being dodgy

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5Is Meghan using her PR team to plant rumours?

Reports emerged recently that Meghan is using her PR team to spread rumours and press releases about her Hollywood career and her relationship with Harry. In fact there were some rumours reportedly started by her PR team which claimed that Meghan is in running to be the next Bond girl. Eventually reports emerged that that’s absolutely not true.

 Meghan using her PR team  to plant rumours

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