Outlandish Royal Family Rules That Left Us Puzzled

11Shellfish isn’t allowed

The reason why the Royal Family doesn’t eat shellfish is that shellfish is well-known to have a higher risk of food poisoning. They also do not eat crabs, shrimps, and clams. They cannot risk getting sick during an important event. The family is very careful about food as well as water.

Shellfish isnt allowed
Image Source: www.healthline.com

12Till 95

Many people have wondered why the Queen is still active as the Queen instead of handing the power to someone younger. The reason is that the Queen has said that if she is still alive and healthy at the age of 95, she will transfer her duties to her son Charles.

Queen Elizabeth
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13The Royal surname

Do you know the surname of the Royal family? The family is so famous we don’t need to know anything other than their first name to understand who we are talking about. It is a British tradition that all British monarchs use their names and titles only. The Royal Family’s surname is Mountbatten-Windsor.

The Royal surname
Image Source: mirror.co.uk

14Wearing shorts

Many people have noticed that young Prince George always wears shorts. It is because of the Royal tradition that dictates shorts are an essential piece of clothing for boys. This is why regardless of the season, young Prince George will be seen in shorts till the age of 8 after which the boys start wearing pants.

Royal Kids Wearing shorts
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15Prince Harry’s love life

Before Prince Harry got into a relationship with Meghan, he was in a 7-year long relationship with Chelsy Davy. This was a huge point many news outlets pointed at as even after 7 years, Harry never proposed. But, only after 6 months of dating Meghan, the two announced their engagement.  The reason behind this was because Prince Philip was ill and wanted him to see his grandsons get married.

Prince Harrys love life
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