Outlandish Royal Family Rules That Left Us Puzzled

The British Royal family is the best example of class, sophistication, respect, and responsibilities. Everything they do is so classy and with honor and respect. One might think how can a group of people be so perfect all the time? The answer is simple, rules.


The British family has a number of rules that they have to follow, some since birth to maintain their family’s respect. Most of these rules are just to keep the family’s name clean while some of these rules have us scratching our heads or making our jaws drop in shock. We have compiled a list of the strangest rules the Royal Family has to follow.

1Bright colors

If you’ve seen pictures of Queen Elizabeth II, you may have noticed that she is always seen wearing bright colors and never dull or boring colors. This isn’t just because the Queen loves bright colors but it is a protocol. The queen needs to be protected at all times and the best way to keep an eye on her is if she is easily distinguishable in a crowd.

The queen wearing bright colors
Image Source: incrivel.club

2Never upstage the Queen

This is a rule for the people who meet the Queen as well as the people who are always with the Queen as well as family members. You cannot upstage or overtake the Queen. This is applicable in all situations. You cannot wear brighter colors than the Queen, you cannot lead a conversation including the Queen and you should never walk ahead of the Queen.

Never upstage the Queen
Image Source: wmagazine.com

3Monolopy is ban

Believe it or not, the Hasbro board game is actually forbidden in the palace. The game did not exist during the Victorian era and after its introduction rubbed the monarchy the wrong way. It has been reported that once at a public event Prince Andrew was gifted the board game but he refused by saying that the game wasn’t allowed at home.

Monolopy is ban
Image Source: daily.jstor.org

4Garlic is banned

A very strange fact about the Royal Family is the fact that garlic is banned in the Buckingham Palace. Yes, the Queen hates garlic so much that she has banned it from the kitchen. Other rules of the Royal kitchen include the fact that meat cooked has to be well done and never rare. Also, the chefs cannot serve food that contains too much onion. 

Garlic is banned in royal family
Image Source: thespiceacademy.com

5Holding hands

A big question that rose after Prince Harry was publicly seen with Meghan was why don’t Kate and William hold hands? The reason for this is that the Royal Family has to follow strict etiquette rules. They are told how to behave, talk and carry themselves in public. Being part of the most important family in Britain means you have to follow the rules.

Holding hands
Image Source: 5funfacts.com

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