15 Rare Pictures of Hollywood Icons You Have Never Seen Before

Looking up vintage photos on Instagram is a beloved hobby for many millennials. As much as their parents detest the app, Instagram has in a way introduced the kids to the aesthetic of the past and to the possibilities of the future. We know you sort through hundreds of pictures of actors or models and of course, memes. But are you aware of an account which posts forgotten pictures of famous celebrities? We don’t mean anybody and everybody but serious A-listers like Al Pacino and Elvis Presley.


Would you like to see what Cindy Crawford looked like in one of her earliest photoshoots? Or Marilyn Monroe playing with her pup? If not check out these rare pictures which feature the most legendary stars at their candid best.

1Who’s that girl?

Perhaps one of the most well-known supermodels ever, Cindy Crawford has always been a diva. She started her career very young and of course, had no idea she would go on to become one of the most sought-after names in fashion. This is Cindy posing for a Vogue photoshoot in the ’90s. Though this is one of her many shoots, she keeps it totally dramatic and we can see why she is the face of sartorial chic even today.

Cindy posing for a Vogue photoshoot

Image Source: pinimg.com

2Marilyn Monroe while candid

Let’s be honest: there are hundreds of pictures of Marilyn Monroe floating around the Internet. And at this point, we’d thought we’d seen everything. But this rare picture of Marilyn is perhaps still unseen by many. The Hollywood icon is pictured here playing with a pup at the French Consulate in New York and had been pictured by well-known photographer Paul Slade.

Marilyn Monroe while candid

Image Source: twimg.com

3The Shining anyone?

This should come as no surprise but Stanley Kubrick was a hands-on director. His attention to detail made his films so edgy. The famous bar scene from horror movie The Shining for instance, was shot under Kubrick’s close supervision. Perhaps one of the most haunting scenes in Hollywood history the scene was so well-received that people still talk about it.

The Shining anyone

Image Source: pinimg.com

4Johnny and Kate

These two were the ’90s power could and yet we often forget that Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were in a relationship. Johnny might have had some drama with his wife Amber Heard but Johnny and Kate were pretty solid while they were together. In fact, their style was iconic too and basically defined the ’90s aesthetic for us. Here they are pictured at an award show together.

Johnny and Kate

Image Source: weheartit.com

5Is that Angelina?

We are so used to seeing Angelina in impeccably tailored or couture clothes that we forget that as a young girl she had quite a laid-back style. This photo is from one of her earliest commercial shoots for a designer brand, but she doesn’t look like Hollywood’s next icon bit just a regular girl-next-door.

Angelina Jolie

Image Source: pinimg.com


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