Rare cases of celebrity weight gains that made them look hotter than ever

Weight gain can be the greatest trauma to celebrities. A celebrity from Hollywood lacks the luxury to hide as soon as they gain weight. The Paparazziis always on the prowl, looking out for some sensational news. What could be better than a Hollywood celebrity turned out of shape! Yet, here are some hot Hollywood celebrities who might have shocked their fans with that stunning look, even after weight gain. These 6 cases of celebrity weight gains have worked positively on them, making them look even hotter. Check them out!


1 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a heartthrob of millions. She is regarded as one of the sexiest and hottest Hollywood actresses. She underwent a preventive mastectomy in the year 2013 when she discovered that she had greater chances of developing breast cancer.

Her health problems didn’t end there. Tests also revealed that she was more prone to ovarian cancer due to her family history. This made her go through anoophorectomy as a preventive measure. Due to these major health issues, she lost a lot of weight. Now she has started regaining and her fuller appearance is definitely more promising and hot than her previous state.

Angelina Jolie

Image Source: www.foxnews.com

2 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, the most popular singer of today, was just a boy of 14 when he was introduced to the industry in 2009. But with the passage of time, he has matured into a man and has also gained weight in the course. He now has a thorough physique and six packs.


His weight gain has only helped him look real hot and handsome. In early 2015, Justin also showed off his newly acquired physique in the Calvin Klein ad. The new look is definitely much better than the lanky, boyish look.

Justin Bieber

Image Source: www.yimg.com


3 Hilary Duff

Hillary Duff was lanky and thin. At her thinnest self, she weighed 98 pounds. She used to stick to an unhealthy diet and eat whatever she liked. This caused her to stay unhealthy, but things have taken a positive turn. The singer now wants to stay healthy and takes special efforts in that direction.

Hillary Duff has lost her extra weight after the pregnancy and has now accepted her athletic built, which is better than the lean frame she endorsed initially. She took boxing classes two times a day to lose the extra weight after pregnancy but all her effort definitely shows. Now she appears hot and healthy.

 Hilary Duff

Image Source: www.piximus.net

4 Christina Aguilera

Songster Christina Aguilera was a tiny and thin teenager when she started her career in 1999. She started her career with ‘Genie in a Bottle’. As her popularity increased, the record company’s pressure grew on Christina to maintain her image and this meant she was expected to maintain a consistent weight. However, she gained over 15 pounds and she owned it rather than altering her lifestyle to match the company’s requirement. This is one of those cases of celebrity weight gains, which has surely helped her persona because even after being a mother of two, she looks gorgeous in her fuller form.


Image Source: www.googleusercontent.com

5 Jennifer Hudson

2004’s American Idol, Jennifer Hudson, was overweight when she appeared in the show but she still looked pretty. While she was booted off the show, she made a good singing and TV career. Her weight was a matter of discussion back then. Later, she followed a Weight Watchers Diet and this helped her shed 80 pounds. Her new look was not been taken positively in the social media. She looked sickly and ill after shedding all those pounds. Jennifer Hudson surely looks adorable to her fans with that little excess weight. She put on some weight again and looks much better now.

Jennifer Hudson

Image Source: www.huffpost.com

6 Nicole Richie

Reality TV star Nicole Richie, was shockingly thin when she first appeared on the tabloid. Several people began questioning her health for her lanky figure. Nicole confessed that her lack of healthy habits was due to her break up in 2005 from her boyfriend DJ Adam Goldstein. Things worsened and later she was arrested for driving on the wrong lane and was found to be taking marijuana. Her weight was 85 pounds and she was just 5’1” tall. Later, she went to a rehabilitation centre and got herself treated.


As she regained health, she also gained a little weight and now she looks perfectly hot and sexy. Celebrity weight gains can be positive news in rare cases like this!

Nicole Richie

Image Source: www.entertainment.nienmsn.com


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