Prince was the God of Rock!! Here are 10 amazing facts about Purple Rain

The God of Rock is no more. Prince Rogers Nelson who we fondly knew as “PRINCE”, the incredible musical icon who made the 80s come alive with mind-blowing music died at 10 am yesterday on 21st April 2016, succumbing to prolonged illness and dehydration.

‘Purple Rain’ the hit album and the movie by the same name went on to win an Academy Award for the category of Best Original Song Score. The number itself performed during the heyday of Prince and the Revolution became a cult phenomenon that is praised for its fantastic theme, music composition and awesome guitaring. While the world mourns for the man who gave us the most profound number of ‘Purple Rain’, here is a list of 10 amazing facts about PURPLE RAIN.

1 Prince First Approached Stevie Nicks to Write the Lyrics

Prince had first approached Stevie Nicks, female singer and songwriter of Fleetwood Mac fame to pen the lyrics of Purple Rain. Stevie found it too overwhelming and scary to the point of refusing as she might not do justice to such a track. Prince then wrote it himself and a legend in music was born.

Prince First Approached Stevie Nicks to Write the Lyrics

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