Popular Celebrity gold diggers who walked into richness

The concept of gold digging is as old as the world of glamour. Now for all those naive people out there, gold digging means marrying for wealth by manipulating a wealthy potential partner often with love or lust.(We all know it’s mostly the latter, don’t we?). Anyway, here are some really talented celebrity gold diggers that walked into richness. If you thought marriage should always be about love, these people did love;hey loved their partners’ money!


1 David Furnish – Elton John

David Furnish was just some regular guy in advertising. Many people feel his marriage to Elton John is something of a dream come true as they are one of the richest gay couple in the world. Honestly, we can’t unravel how David got an incredibly wealthy and talented partner and has continued to live off John’s money.

Seriously! David Furnish hasn’t worked a day after he became attached to Elton John except for the documentary he made on Elton that made a ton of money. Also, there are wicked rumours that hint that David Furnish might not even be Gay!

David Furnish – Elton John

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

2 Arlene Silver – Dick Van Dyke

The smart part about being a gold digger is to know when to take advantage of an opportunity. Arlene Silver didn’t shy away from the opportunity that showed up; using her insider card as a makeup artist on the sets, she roped in Dick Van Dyke in holy matrimony.


Dyke is almost twice her age, and even though he is not a billionaire, he won’t be around much to spend his $30 million net worth. Now, Arlene Silver is one of those celebrity gold diggers who can identify an easy target and strike at the bull’s eye.

 Arlene Silver – Dick Van Dyke

Image Source: www.popsugar-assets.com


3 EllinNordegren-TigerWoods

Seems like EllinNordegren found ‘true love’ thrice in her life; turns out not everyone is that lucky or smart and talented. Nordegren is the one behind the Tiger Woods scandal; she walked away with an easy $100 million! Not just that, soon after she found her new beau who was also an athlete and sure as hell super wealthy. Noregren finally became love struck with a billionaire coal investor that was more than 20 years older than her. Wow, that’s something for someone who started out as a nanny, right?


Image Source: www..timeinc.net


4 Evelyn Lozada – Chad Johnson

Evelyn and Chad’s marriage started out as a fairy-tale happily ever after.They looked so beautiful together and it gave us a ray of hope in true love but Evelyn sure blurred it for us. Just after weeks of marriage, Evelyn realized that NFL star Chad was a spendthrift and lavishly, rather recklessly spent money and she ran for the hills.

Although, Evelyn claims that her love was genuine, Chad’s secrecy about money scared her off. Chad took her over every media platform available, at least he got rid of her for good.

Evelyn Lozada - Chad Johnson

Image Source: www.huffpost.com

5 V. Stiviano – Donald Sterling

This is a rather classic text book case of celebrity gold diggers and sure does teach important lesson. Sriviano, a totally gorgeous model roped in Sterling who is old enough to be her grandfather; super rich as he was the former owner of the L.A Clippers. Also, pretty gullible and idiotic, one could expect it to be a win for the gold digger but she had to leave her $2.6 million house and also had to trade in her Ferrari for a Hyundai.


Now, the issue here was that while Stiviano and Sterling were openly being amorous in public, and he was still married! Ouch, that is painful…

V. Stiviano – Donald Sterling

Image Source: www.wordpress.com


6 RaffaelloFollieri – Anne Hathaway

This is a rather sad story and makes us want to hurt one of the most vicious celebrity gold diggers, Follieri. The sweet Anne Hathaway was swept off of her feet by Follieri, a very handsome charmer who had a business in real estate or so she thought. In reality, Follieri was a handsome charmer who ripped people off of their money. He had amassed over $50 million, but now in prison. We hate him for breaking Poor Anne’s heart and for scamming so many people.

RaffaelloFollieri – Anne Hathaway

Image Source: www.nydailynews.com

7 Courtney Stodden – Doug Hutchinson

This is as creepy as it can ever get! Courtney was just 16 when she married 51-year-old millionaire, Doug Hutchinson. Looks like bank balance can substitute the age gap! Courtney bagged celebrity shows from her new acquired social standing but her fame burned out quickly. Even though they split up, Doug was acting as her manager and as word has it, they are now back together. Every celebrity gold diggers’ dream come true! Isn’t it?

Courtney Stodden - Doug Hutchinson

Image Source: www.timeinc.net


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