6 Plastic Surgery Fails That Will Have you Face Palming Big Time

Plastic surgery is usually performed to correct physical features or help burn victims. But for some people, it is a way to look beautiful and when they start having one surgery, they seem to continue doing so and ultimately the addiction ruins their face. Here are 6 such plastic surgery fails that show what excess of anything can do to humans.


1 Nikki Cox

Many people remember the cute girl with a million dollar smile on the TV show Unhappily Ever After, a sitcom that aired in the 90s. That girl was Nikki Cox and she was admired for her natural beauty and had lots of fans and she had a bright future in TV and movies. She carved out space for herself, but sadly all that went down because her looks changed a lot thanks to plastic surgery. Cox decided to have breast augmentation, lip job and a habit of getting Botox injections which made it difficult for her to smile.

Nikki Cox

Image Source: www.lookdamngood.com


2 Jackie Stallone

This woman is Jackie Stallone and you might remember her as the mother of Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone. Sylvester Stallone is known for his Rocky and Rambo franchise movies and for being one of the biggest action heroes in Hollywood. Jackie Stallone, who is now 93 years old, has expressed regret at all the plastic surgery procedures she underwent. But she is still dependent on plastic surgery to correct her flawed look even now.

Jackie Stallone

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3 Kristina Rei

Kristin Rei is a Russian woman who is obsessed with looking like her favorite cartoon character Jessica Rabbit and in order to have lips like her has had over 100 injections full of silicone since turning 17. She holds the Guinness Record for biggest lips in the world. Her obsession with big lips came from when she was bullied in the school for the way she looked and that’s when she started believing that big lips will make her look beautiful. Each injection cost her 40 pounds and she has spent 4,000 pounds on the injections alone.

Kristina Rei

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4 Michaela Romanini

Michaela Romanini is an Italian socialite. She is also well known for her extremely disfigured face on which she has had multiple plastic surgeries to alter her looks. Her first addiction was lip collagen injections which made her lips looks thicker. She also has regular Botox injections to keep the skin of her face tight and wrinkle-free. Before the surgeries, she was considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet. After surgery, however, she has become a caricature of her original self and yet she has still not stopped having the collagen injections on her lips or Botox injections all over her face.

Michaela Romanini

Image Source: www.ofpof.com


5 Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace is known for being the current vice president of the Versace Fashion group in Italy. She herself is a fashion designer and chief fashion stylist in Versace group. She owns 20% stake in the company which was started by her brother Gianni Versace. Apart from her professional achievements, Donatella is also known for being the face of plastic surgery gone wrong. She has been featured on probably every list ever made on plastic surgery botches. Her face has kind of become frozen due to multiple Botox injections and a failed facelift. She has had lip augmentation surgery performed on her, which have given her permanently swollen lips.

Donatella Versace

Image Source: www.rainboz.com


6 Hang Mioku

28-year-old Hang Mioku is a well-known former model in her country of South Korea. She has made a name for herself doing advertisements and other modeling work in the country. Her face was radiant with natural beauty, but somehow she became addicted to plastic surgery and wanted to enhance her facial features. Her face continued to become worst, but Hang didn’t stop there itself and finally, doctors refused to perform further surgeries on her. Then she decided to do something about her face and in an unfortunate incident, she brought silicone on the black market and self-injected that into her face. When the silicone was finished, she used cooking oil and injected that into her face. Fortunately, her plight was put on national television and viewers donated money for her to have corrective surgeries. Doctors removed 60 gms of foreign substance from her face and 200 gms form her neck. The self-injections have left a permanent reminder on her face that addiction to anything is harmful.

Hang Mioku

Image Source: www.lookdamngood.com


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