6 Shocking plastic surgery fails that will have you face palming big time

Plastic surgery is usually performed to correct physical features or help burn victims. But for some people, it is a way to look beautiful and when they start having one surgery, they seem to continue doing so and ultimately the addiction ruins their face. Here are 6 such plastic surgery fails that show what excess of anything can do to humans.

1 Nikki Cox

Many people remember the cute girl with a million dollar smile on the TV show Unhappily Ever After, a sitcom that aired in the 90s. That girl was Nikki Cox and she was admired for her natural beauty and had lots of fans and she had a bright future in TV and movies. She carved out space for herself, but sadly all that went down because her looks changed a lot thanks to plastic surgery. Cox decided to have breast augmentation, lip job and a habit of getting Botox injections which made it difficult for her to smile.

Nikki Cox

Image Source: www.lookdamngood.com

2 Jackie Stallone

This woman is Jackie Stallone and you might remember her as the mother of Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone. Sylvester Stallone is known for his Rocky and Rambo franchise movies and for being one of the biggest action heroes in Hollywood. Jackie Stallone, who is now 93 years old, has expressed regret at all the plastic surgery procedures she underwent. But she is still dependent on plastic surgery to correct her flawed look even now.

Jackie Stallone

Image Source: www.fishki.net

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