Take a look at Celebrities who have baby Doppelgangers

It’s a weird phenomenon of having a doppelganger existing somewhere on earth. It’s even weirder seeing your doppelganger face to face. But what’s even stranger is when the doppelganger lookalike turns out to be a small little baby. It just so happens that these ten celebrities actually happen to have cute little infants as their doppelgangers. Take a look at the ten baby and celebrity lookalikes which will blow your mind.


1 Donald Trump

The almost sure Republican Presidential candidate and the next possible President of the USA Donald Trump surprisingly has this baby as his doppelganger. He could well pass off as mini baby trump.

Donald Trump

Image Source: www.tumblr.com


2 Simon Baker

Simon baker is well-known for his roles in Devil Wears Prada and the Ring. He is also noted for his television appearances in hit series the Mentalist. Even at 46 he still has his good looks but look that has the same stare! Its little Simon!

Simon Baker

Image Source: www.netdna-cdn.com


3 Steph Curry

Steph Waddell Curry is a star of the NBA and one of the best basketball players on the circuit. Noted for his resilience and motivation, does Steph know he may have a long lost son somewhere?

Steph Curry

Image Source: www.elitedaily.com


4 John Legend

10 times Grammy Award winner John legend is a legend all right. It wouldn’t hurt to see another little John; legend in the making for the world to keep enjoying his music.

John Legend

Image Source: www.wennermedia.com


5 Usher

Is this baby Usher or what? This looks like a perfect little Usher in the making and might just be related to the hit singer. A baby crooner isn’t so bad. He could chip in with the goo goos and ga gaa’s.


Image Source: wwww.weecdn.com


6 Vladimir Putin

This is really something. Even Putin has a mini doppelganger. Wonder if he knows about it because if he does, there’s no surety he might just incorporate him into the Russian cabinet as his future heir.

Vladimir Putin

Image Source: www.linkbeef.com


7 Adam Devine

The cute comedy star of hit series Workaholics as well as a singer, comedian producer and songwriter, Adam, you have a doppelganger and maybe you could teach him some cool stuff too.

Adam Devine

Image Source: www.lifebg.net


8 Gordon Ramsay

This is one man who would do well to respect his doppelganger; they both have that pouty head chef look. Maybe this little guy is going to be regular hell raiser top chef in the kitchen one day.

Gordon Ramsay

Image Source: www.babygagaimages.com

9 Gandalf the White

Among babies who look just like celebrities, this really hits top spot. Is this a little baby Gandalf or a hobbit in disguise? It’s uncanny that this little baby has identical features of Ian Mckellen to the point of having the same look about him. A new Magneto or Gandalf in the making!

Gandalf the White

Image Source: www.diply.com

10 Chris Farley

Now take a look at the double chin. That’s unmistakable baby Farley for you. Right down to the devilish eyes, the ruffled gold cropped hair it’s almost too fantastic to believe and no, such things can’t be possibly photo shopped. It actually a mini Chris Farley!

Chris Farley

Image Source: www.linkbeef.com


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