Paul Walkers incredible act of kindness 9 years before his death is truly beautiful


The world still hasn’t forgotten Paul Walker and many a fan still misses the handsome star of the Fast And Furious franchise. Paul walker was taken away from us in 2013 after succumbing to injuries in a car accident but his memories truly live on.

Paul may have been famous as an actor and quite a looker too but what most people don’t know was Paul Walker’s generous act which showed the other side of him as a kind human being.

1 Paul Walker loved Speed

Like his Fast And Furious character, Paul Walker loved speed but unfortunately that would also be the cause of his death too. When he died in a car crash he was driving his Carerra GT along with friend Rodas. Paul was in fact gearing up for the next Fast And Furious sequel which was not meant to be.

It was only after his death that the media got wind of his beautiful act of generosity to a newly married couple Kyle and Kristen Upham who owe a lot to Paul and his kindness.

Paul Walker loved Speed

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2 An act of kindness for newly married couple to be

Kyle and Kristin Upham were married in 2004. Kyle served in the army and was a veteran of the Iraq war. It was when this couple were browsing for wedding rings in Paseo Nuevo Mall in Santa Barbara that they came across one which they both liked immediately. They discussed amongst themselves and mutually agreed that they couldn’t afford it. The ring was beyond them in price.

It seems their conversation didn’t go unheard because it was picked up by none other than Paul Walker. Guess what the star did next.

An act of kindness for newly married couple

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3 The amazing kindness of Paul Walker

Paul purchased the ring without the couple’s knowledge. He instructed the sales lady named Irene to package and send the ring to the couple. It cost him$ 10,000. That’s one costly ring. It was Irene who revealed the story saying that she wanted the world to know about Paul walker’s generous act and what a kind man this was.

kindness of Paul Walker

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4 We Still Miss You Paul Walker

If Paul Walker had a really large screen presence by virtue of his fast and furious movies then he matched that huge character in real life too. He was generous and kind hearted as he was a great actor. To his millions of fans worldwide he was and is still missed alot. With much respect, RIP dear Paul Walker.

Miss You Paul Walker

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