Noteworthy Hollywood celebrities who became victims of scams that swept them off millions!


We often hear of celebrities being involved in scams, making big bucks. But it is quite difficult to imagine our stars and heroes getting scammed out of their hard earned money. Our favorite Hollywood celebrities are just as human as each of us, and just like all of us get carried away by emotions like trust and belief, our celebrities also get carried away sometimes. Read along and you will be mystified by these unique tales of celebrity scams where these well-known Hollywood celebrities were scammed out of millions without the slightest knowledge.

1 Robert De Niro Bereft of Profit

Robert De Niroconsigned about fifty of his father’s paintings to Lawrence Salander. Salander, who was the owner of an art gallery, sold all the paintings and kept the profit for himself. He scammed Robert De Niro’s art clients off $88 million! He used the profits to repay his personal debts. This is a unique case that definitely deserves mention when we speak of celebrity scams.

Robert De Niro Bereft of Profit

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2 Liv Tyler Pays for Skin Specialist’s Expenses

A skin specialist always has a great contribution in the success of a Hollywood star. But, in case of actress Liv Tyler, the skin specialist became a scammer. Mari Gabriela Hashemipour, who was skin specialist to prominent actresses like Jennifer Anniston, misused Liv Tyler’s credit card. She maintained the credit card credentials and used it to purchase her things. Later, the actress was scammed of $214,000, the amount that was spent on the skin specialist’s personal expenses. Oops!

Liv Tyler Pays for Skin Specialist’s Expenses

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3 Elton John’s Money Mismanaged

The lawsuit filed by Elton John was never proved. Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Andrew Jordan were sued by Elton for tour payout mismanagement. The total amount was estimated to be roughly $29 million but it was never proved. Elton spent around $10 million in legal fees. The case simply brought to light Elton’s spending habits and this never helped him out. So here goes another of those noteworthy celebrity scams that left apopular star helpless.

Elton John’s Money Mismanaged

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4 Uma Thurman Not As Tough As She Looks

Her role in the film ‘Kill Bill; makes us believe that she is a smart chic. So it comes as a true shock when you hear that her financial planner Kenneth Starr scammed her off $1 million!She had hired Kenneth Starr to manage her financial portfolio.Kenneth was sentenced to 90 months jail for his scam. He lifted the sum to please his ex-stripper wife and this definitely displeased his celebrity client.

Uma Thurman Not As Tough As She Looks

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5 Ben Stiller’s Financial Planner Cheats

Financial planners seem to be the easiest scammers. Ben Stiller appointed Dana Giacchetto as his manager and financial planner. She turned out to be the wrong choice as she took $250,000 from Ben Stiller but the tale does not end here. She also took around $10 million from his other reputed and noted clients.

Finally when the scam was out, Dana was sentenced to three years in prison for stealing from Ben’s valuable clients. This one sure deserves a place in the list of unique celebrity scams that cannot be neglected.

Ben Stiller’s Financial Planner Cheats

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6 Kiefer Sutherland Scammed By a Business Venture

The Canadian actor of British origin was held up in a scam that is remarkably weird. It is difficult to believe that someone who appears as smart as Kiefer could make such a faulty business move. Michael Wayne Carr convinced Kiefer to invest $869,000 to purchase cattle in a business initiative. That really sounds unbelievable!Carr proposed a business plan to buy steers from Mexico and sell them in the United States to yield profit. The funny part is that Carr never had any steers. Finally, Carr was charged for this scam besides several others.

Now, you see Hollywood celebrities are like us in some matters. They do tend to trust people who sometimes can cheat them. So, never think that you are alone to be cheated. But, yes one must learn to apply the popular saying of ‘once bitten twice shy’, in your life if you want to be not cheated again. Our assets are ours, and we need to protect them, and save them from getting into the wrong hands through wrong means. Be smart, be safe!

Kiefer Sutherland Scammed By a Business Venture

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