Michael Schumacher’s Family Issues Statement Just Before His 50th Birthday

6The tragic accident:

The life-changing accident took place when Michael was skiing, it is being said that the right side of Michael’s head hit a rock and the clash was so strong that the helmet was left split open. The German Formula One racer suffered some serious major head injuries in the accident.

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7After the accident:

Michael was immediately taken to hospital where several surgeries were conducted but he went into coma. The racer was in coma for nearly six months and it was April 2014 when he came back to senses. He was then shifted to a private location in Grenoble, which is also rumored to be his house near Lake Geneva.

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8The medical recovery:

There is no doubt that something really bad has happened with Michael as till 2016, it was being said that he was not able to stand or walk. It is believed that at present, the racer is being attended by a team of 15 doctors who are taking care of him round the clock.

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9The medical expenses:

As per Dailymail, a huge amount of £115,000 is spent weekly on the medical treatment of Michael. A statement was released by Michael’s wife when Michael was released from hospital and at that time, she asked his fans for their support but also said that she won’t be speaking more and will like to keep things private.

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10Michael’s career:

Michael Schumacher is undoubtedly one of the best Formula One drivers; in fact many believe that he is the greatest of all time. He is the only driver who is the winner of the seven Formula One World Championships and what makes him better than the others is the fact that he has won 5 Formula One World Championships, consecutively.

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