Michael Schumacher’s Family Issues Statement Just Before His 50th Birthday

Michael Schumacher, the retired racing driver has turned 50 (on 3rd January 2019) but the sad part is that his fans didn’t got the chance to see him even on this special day. Michael has a huge fan following, thanks to his illustrious career but on 29 December 2013 he met with a major accident while skiing and since then he is undergoing medical treatment and rehabilitation. Michael’s wife, Corinna has ensured that privacy is maintained in the matters related to the health of Michael but just before his birthday, she issued a statement for his fans.


1The statement released by the Michael’s family:

In the statement which was released just a day before Michael’s birthday, his family thanks his fans from the bottom of their hearts and tells that as a gift for Michael, a virtual museum has been created by the Keep Fighting Foundation. An official Michael Schumacher app will also be launched on the racer’s birthday.

Image Source: www.gnomip.gr

2The official Michael Schumacher App:

The statement said that this app is a way of doing justice to Michael and his fans by not only reviewing his successes but also by celebrating his achievements. The family further says that Michael can be proud of whatever he has achieved in life and so is everybody else including his fans.

Image Source: f1ingenerale.com

3Remember his successes:

Michael’s successes will be remembered with the help of Michael Schumacher Private Collection exhibition in Cologne as his achievements will be published in social media. The charity work that Michael used to do will be continued by the Keep Fighting Foundation.

Image Source: www.keepfighting.ms

4He is in very best of hands:

In the last part of the statement, Michael’s family assured the fans that Michael is in the very best hands and everything that is possible is being done to improve his health. They also hoped that fans will understand that health is a sensitive subject and that is why they are keeping it private.


Once again, the fans are thanked for the love and support that they gave and the family also wished Happy New Year 2019. There is no doubt that all the fans of Michael Schumacher will pray for his speedy recovery on his 50th birthday.

Image Source: thetimes.co.uk

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