Meet the Rock’s Cousin who looks exactly like him and works as his Stunt Double in Hollywood

Call him Hercules, Scorpion King the tough cop in the Fast and Furious or Mitch from Baywatch, there’s no denying, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has had it going quite good in Hollywood starring in a number of meaty roles. His days of being a wrestler are well behind him having opted for a career in acting instead. His physical skills too are a huge advantage to this effect but did you know the big secret regarding The Rock?

Like all actors in Hollywood, The Rock too has a stunt double but his stuntman is none other than his very own cousin who looks like him. The man bears a striking resemblance to Dwayne Johnson. Meet the Rock’s cousin Tanoai Reed.


1 Dwayne Johnson is a devoted family man

Johnson is a devoted family man. Not only is he proud of his Polynesian heritage being the grandson of famous Samoan wrestler Peter High Chief Maivia, he dotes on his grandmother like a true loving grandson. His father Rocky Johnson, also a professional wrestler has always been the Rock’s inspiration and real life hero. Johnson is also a loving father to a daughter his biggest reason to keep returning home.

Dwayne Johnson is a devoted family man

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2 The Rock’s lookalike cousin is his stunt double

Dwayne Johnson’s cousin is Hawaiian Tanoai Reed. He is Johnson’s stunt double and what’s uncanny is that he looks just like the Rick himself. Reed is his maternal cousin and the great nephew of Johnson’s grandmother.

Reed and Johnsons are the proud products of his Samoan Polynesian gene pool known for producing the best sportsmen and athletes. Incidentally, Johnson was a star college Football player for the University of Miami.

The Rock’s lookalike cousin

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