10 Most insane Makeup transformations in Hollywood

All actors apply makeup to look like a certain character. Most often, they play the characters which look pretty normal, but the demands of the show business are such that even normal characters need some amount of makeup. And of course, makeup is important for hiding the imperfections and making the actors look beautiful. But, what happens, when an actor has to play an older person, or say a mythical creature, or even just the opposite sex; all these roles demand that the actors go through long sessions of makeup and look like they are supposed to look on screen. Over the years, Hollywood has given some amazing characters, some even hell scary, and all that looked authentic because of the makeup artists, who transformed the actors. Let us see 10 of the most insane makeup transformations in Hollywood.


1 Ron Perlman – Hellboy (2004)

It would be shocking to reckon that over 35 makeup artists had worked on the look of Hellboy. The leading makeup artist, Rick Baker indulged in giving the finishing look to the character of Hellboy. The Hellboy was the character of an anti-hero, which was very popular among the audiences. Ron Perlman had to sit for around 4 hours for getting his makeup done. His authentic and sterling make-up cast an enchanting spell on the audience.

Ron Perlman – Hellboy

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2 Jim Carrey- How the Grinch stole Christmas (2000)

The makeup team was lead by the popular makeup artists, namely; Rick Baker and Gail Rowell. It used to take around 3 hours of potential working upon his face for achieving the final look. The makeup was alleged to be uncomfortable and Jim Carrey had to take workshops upon how to resist during such conditions. It was a tedious task for him to do it, but like a true professional he finally did it.

Jim Carrey- How the Grinch stole Christmas

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3 F. Murray Abraham – Amadeus (1984)

The 45 year old F. Murray settled for 4 to 5 hours for getting his makeup done. The leading makeup stylists like Dick smith and Paul Leblanc were involved in getting it done. They are perhaps one of the most popular makeup artists who have won the Academy Award. The process of getting his make-up done was rather boring, but he eventually pulled the look to perfection.

F. Murray Abraham – Amadeus

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4 Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder (2008)

Tom Cruise is the Hollywood Perfectionist who gives his best shot in his character portrayal. He can just pull off any character and attracts the audience with just any look. He took initiative to work upon his look in the character, ‘Les Grossman’. He even wore prosthetic hands, which were merely oversized for him. But his zeal to give his best shot motivated him to do impossible things on the sets of the movie. He enthusiastically suggested ideas to make his character look natural and appealing to the audience.

Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder

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5 Gary Oldman – Hanibal (2001)

One could hardly recognize Gary Oldman in the character of Mason Verger. That’s probably a compliment, for his make-up was that beautifully done. The picture of him clearly makes us believe that it is some fictional character. But well, it is not. If you happen to watch the movie, you would certainly see him without eyelids. It was really praiseworthy for him to pull that role flawlessly.

Gary Oldman – Hanibal

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6 Eric Stoltz – Mask (1985)

The artists, who had done the makeup of Eric Stoltz; namely, Michael Wetmore and Zoltan Elek, won an Academy Award for this particular job. They were perhaps the same people who had managed to give a disheveled and dismantled look with the help of their makeup to the popular actor, Eric Stoltz. He had to produce an ID card to enter into the sets, for people couldn’t recognize him.

Eric Stoltz – Mask

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7 David Naughton – An American Werewolf in London (1981)

The leading makeup stylist Rick baker won the award for the best make-up artist, the category that was created in 1981. David Naughton’s makeup took about 5 hours alone in applying and 3 hours in removing. Must say, a person needs to have a lot of patience for these kinds of roles and David Naughton was successful in it. His earnest efforts were paid off when the audience appreciated his fictional character of a werewolf.

David Naughton – An American Werewolf in London

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8 Eddie Murphy –The Nutty Professor (1996)

Eddie Murphy is known to play multiple roles in many films. He did an extraordinary job as the character of a ‘nutty professor’ which involved the makeup by stylists, Rick baker and LeRoy Anderson. He had transformed himself into 8 different roles in a movie, which was kind of hard to believe. However, he was not nominated in the Oscars for that and his fans were really upset about it.

Eddie Murphy –The Nutty Professor

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9 Michael Keaton- Beetlejuice (1988)

It is nearly next to impossible to distinguish this wonderful actor from his actual looks. The makeup artists of this look, Steve Laporte, Team Ve Neill had won the Oscars for this look. How amazingly his makeup goes with his character in the film is worth noticing. He gave an amazing performance and this role earned him many fans.

Michael Keaton- Beetlejuice

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10 John Hurt – The Elephant Man (1980)

His makeup took the stylists about 8 hours alone in applying and 2 hours in removing. It was perhaps a test of patience for this very actor for this role. Several protests were being held addressing the Academy awards, when they didn’t honor the makeup with an Oscar, which this kind of makeup possibly deserved. John hurt, however, pulled this role with utmost dedication. His looks were appreciated by a lot of people.

John Hurt – The Elephant Man

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