15 Luxurious Things Owned By Kardashians That All Of Us Dream Of

11The expensive gift bought by Kanye for Kim

It is quite obvious that Kanye doesn’t hesitate in spending huge amount of money on buying gifts for his queen, Kim. Some time back he surprised the beautiful lady with a super luxurious Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon which is of neon lime shade and costs around $240K and it definitely made Kim super happy.

Image Source: townsquare.media

12Mini-purses for the little ones

The 38-year old Kim Kardashian bought eight mini-purses for the little girls of her family and all these purses belong to the prestigious brand, Louis Vuitton which makes them quite costly as well. Stormi loved her purse and a video was also shared on the Instagram in which it was shown how much happy Stormi is after getting the purse.

Image Source: www.newshub.co.nz

13Kris Jenner’s party

The members of Kardashian-Jenner love to party and they also like to host grand parties. One such grand party was hosted by Kris Jenner in 2015 when she turned 60. The theme of the party was Great Gatsby and the expenditure incurred on this party was $2 million. Isn’t it too big amount to spend on one party?

Image Source: .elle.co.jp

14Shares of multinationals

Investment is also necessary for living a good life and Kanye seems to understand the importance of investing money in right products. He gifted his wife, Kim shares of some multinationals such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Adidas, etc and the amount that he invested in these shares is $200 dollars. There can’t be better gift than this, what do you say?

Image Source: thegreenfund.com

15The collection of power wheels

If you have watched Keeping up with Kardashians, you must have seen the power wheel collections of the kids and these backyard toys come with a price tag of around $400 which is quite expensive. We are sure that the collection will increase further.

Image Source: peopledotcom

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