15 Luxurious Things Owned By Kardashians That All Of Us Dream Of

Kardashians are pretty famous all over the world, thanks to the reality show, “Keeping up with Kardashians” which showed the personal and professional lives of Kardashians and Jenner families. The critics may have not appreciated the show but the audiences loved it and it led to a series of spin-off versions as well. The media and the fans keep a close eye on Kardashians and take a note of everything which is related to Kardashian-Jenner family members whether it is about meeting someone, public appearances or their dressing sense. Kardashians are very rich and today we will let you know about some of their wealthy possessions:


1The luxury diaper bag

The bag that Kim Kardashian is carrying in this photo is not something which anyone can buy, this bag belongs to one of the costliest brands of the world, Birkin Hermès and the price of this bag is 23K dollars. Are you surprised? Well, this not really costly for Kim as she is very rich.

Image Source: chanygames.com

2Kylie’s Fendi gear

Kylie Jenner loves her baby, Stormi a lot and she likes to give the best to her baby. Remember, the photo which was shared by Kylie in which she is seen in a Fendi dress with a matching Fendi stroller that she bought for Stormi. You may find it difficult to believe but the truth is that the stroller was bought for $12,500 by Kylie.

Image Source: .yimg.com

3Kim’s wedding dress

There is no denying the fact that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding was a grand affair and around $12 million dollars were spent on whole event. How passionate and excited Kim was, for her marriage can be understood by the fact that only her wedding dress cost $372K dollars.

Image Source: chanygames.com

4Fur coat of North

Kim and Kanye, both are very particular about their dressing sense and love to look nice so it is kind of obvious that they will pay special attention to the dressing of their daughter, North as well. In this photo, you can see North wearing a fur coat and as per a leading daily, it is made of real fur and the price of this fur coat must be near $3,500.


5The Balmain Blazer Collection of North

As we said, Kim and Kanye are very concerned about the dresses that their daughters wear, North has a good collection of Balmain blazers. The cost of a Balmain blazer for an adult costs around $2,000 and the one that North is wearing in the photo has been customized as per the requirements. North is seen in other Balmain blazers also, which means that she has a pretty expensive wardrobe.

Image Source: cafemomstatic.com

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