Let the sleep patterns of these 17 highly successful people inspire you!

We are constantly fed with the notion of ‘one must sleep for 8 hours’ and we tend to follow it blindly. Also, when some people prefer working till late night and still compensate with a bit more snoozing in the morning, we can be sure to hear remarks such as ‘Burning mid night oil’ or ‘early to bed early to rise’. But should sleep patterns be so conventional? When people are different, how can their sleep patterns be similar?

Studies show that the human body was designed to get two intervals of sleep of 4 hours each and not 8 hours straight. At the same time, the necessity of 8 hours sleep is debatable for everyone; one can only sleep depending on how much their body can take and the amount of work one does.

Don’t fret if you can’t sleep for 8 hours anymore! Take a note of the sleep patterns of these highly successful people; some of them sleep much less and some do work late into the night. Whether you are a midnight owl or an early morning bird, it’s alright as long as you are making your waking hours productive!

1 Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the American business magnate, computer programmer and inventor, who gave us Microsoft enjoys a 7 hour sleep. This much sleep keeps him going ahead and he keeps him amazingly fit, otherwise how can he be the World’s Richest Man almost every year! He has been topping the Forbes’ list of The World’s Billionaires every year since 1995 till now, except for a few years which came after the financial crisis of 2007-08.

Bill Gates

Image Source: www.forbes.com

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