15 Lawsuits Filed Against Celebrities That Defeat Logic

It feels good to be famous and that is why most people want fame. However, everyone is not famous because of the same reasons. People excel in their fields to become famous. There are some people who try to leverage other people’s fame to become famous. The celebrity lawsuits discussed here were publicity stunts by people trying to get their 2 minutes of fame.


These people have filed absurd lawsuits against celebrities with the intention of embarrassing them or for gaining traction off their fame. Some o these are just beyond logic while some others may just indicate that some of these people need counseling.


Rapper Diddy (real name Sean Combs) has featured in many conspiracy theories of the ‘90s. A lesser known fact about him is that in 2011, he was sued by a woman named Valerie Joyce Wilson Turk who filed a $1 trillion lawsuit against the rapper. The reason? She believed he and Rodney King were responsible for causing the 9/11 attacks. She also claimed that he was the father of her 23-year-old son and that he had stolen one of her casino chips valued at “100s of zillions of dollars.”

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2Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was married to Kris Humphries for only 72 days after which she filed for divorce. This was a popular media event and to this day, is talked about. Her wedding was highly-publicized and she reportedly made 18 million dollars off it! People were so offended by this publicity stunt that they even boycotted her show. One person who did not take this divorce well was comic Rob Dulaney. He sued Kim, Ryan Seacrest, and E! for popularizing this “sham wedding.” We do understand his anger against celebs using their fame for fooling people.

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3Kim Kardashian once again

Kim K is undeniably one of the most influential people online. She is a major influencer and this caused her some trouble in 2017. Kim endorsed LuMee, a company creating light-up phone cases. The result was that their sales skyrocketed. In 2017, their competitor Snaplight filed a lawsuit against Kim for copyright infringement and they claimed that since Kim had advertised their competitor, it had become ‘extremely difficult’ for them to compete in the same market.

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4Michael Jackson

The King of Pop is no more but his estate still continues to be hit with absurd lawsuits. One such instance was the 2012 lawsuit filed by Kimberly Griggs. She claimed that she was in a relationship with Michael and thus inspired his music. She claimed that some of his biggest hits were inspired by their relationship. She also claimed that he had promised to sign over the rights of his music to her before his passing.

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There has been conjecture about whether Beyonce mothered Blue Ivy Carter ever since her stomach folded during an interview. There have been several conspiracy theories since then and they have been fueled by Tina Seals. This woman filed a lawsuit in 2014 claiming that she was the biological mother of Blue. She has also claimed that she is the biological mother of all three of Michael Jackson’s kids, William and Kate’s children, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s child and Kim and Kanye’s daughter North West. The judge also ruled that she will not be allowed to file such cases in the future.

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