Kristen Stewart Was Reunited With Her Twilight Daughter and See How She Looks Now: Absolutely Stunning


The Twilight franchise vowed us in 2012 which was six years ago. Some of us may still not believe that it’s been so long since we watched the romance of Edward and Bella with the climactic last installment showcasing the little stunner Mackenzie Foy with her mesmerizing looks. Renesmee was the beautiful hybrid immortal child over which a war was almost fought between the sides of Edward Cullen and the Volturri. However, the ending was an all is well scenario and six years have passed. Kristen Stewart recently met up with Mackenzie Foy who is all of 17 years old and she was pleasantly surprised.

1You may have remembered her in Twilight Breaking Dawn

Renesmee was the half vampire half human child of Bella and Edward in the Twilight Sagas breaking dawn parts I and II. Many would simply love to rekindle that journey back in time when many fans waited patiently for the third and final instalment.

Twilight Breaking Dawn

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2Stewart and Foy went hiking together during filming

Renesmee was a beautiful girl with her eyes as her most striking feature. Many would agree that she was super adorable back then. Twilight was also Kristen Stewart’s path to stardom but after Twilight, she didn’t have much contact with Foy. They did go hiking together during filming but after that ended there wasn’t much catching up.

Stewart and Foy went hiking together

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3The onscreen mother-daughter duo met up again

Recently Kristen Stewart now 27 got to meet her onscreen daughter again when she met up with Mackenzie Foy now 17 at the inauguration of Chanel beauty House pop up inauguration ceremony in Los Angeles. The star-studded event saw many known faces form the celebrity world but the main attraction was the reunion of the onscreen mother daughter duo and the stunning beautiful woman the little girl from twilight had grown into.

The onscreen mother-daughter duo met up again

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4The center of attraction

The duo even posed for the paparazzi and everyone was stunned at the way Mackenzie Foy looks. She hardly even resembled the cute kid from twilight.

Mackenzie Foy

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5She started modeling at 3

Foy is no stranger to the limelight. With her appearance in Twilight, there was no doubt she would be soon recognized as an upcoming model given her looks. She was a child model for brands like Ralph Lauren while Stewart has always been associated with Chanel, so perhaps the meeting was inevitable.

Mackenzie Foy started modeling at 3

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6Stewart on modeling

Commenting on her association with Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel, Stewart said “It’s a back-to-front full-circle story when she referred to her association with Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel. “The first two times I ever met Karl, or the team he worked with, which definitely came before meeting him, I saw they have an ease in which they approach aesthetic.”

Stewart on modeling

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7Mackenzie has been acting since she was nine

Post-Twilight Stewart has successfully carved out a dual career in the fashion Industry while 17-year-old Foy continues with acting. As a young girl, you may have noticed her as Matthew McConaughey’s daughter in Interstellar. She will also be starring in an upcoming Disney movie “The Nutcracker and the four Realms”.

Mackenzie has been acting since she was nine

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8Mackenzie on Stewart

Commenting on Kristen Stewart, Foy was reported to have told MTV in 2011, “Kristen is an amazing, sweet, wonderful actress and I’m so lucky to be working with her. Who knows we may see her together costarring together in future. Kristin Stewart may be regarded as a role model by helping her with acting tips.

Mackenzie on Stewart

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9She has won several awards for her acting

Mackenzie was born Mackenzie Christine Foy in Los Angeles and in case you never knew, she actually received a lot of praise and acclaim for her role. She was also presented with a Saturn award for “best performance by a Younger Actor’ for her role in Interstellar including several young actor award nominations.

Mackenzie was born Mackenzie Christine Foy

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10Modeled for international brands

Yes! She started out as a child modelling from the age of three and started acting at nine. She has modelled for brands like Ralph Lauren, Polo, Guess and The Walt Disney Company. Her acting career began with roles in Serials like Hawaii Five-O, Till Death and Flash Forward.

Modeled for international brands

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11She has several movies to her credit

Post-Twilight she has also been seen in movies like The Conjuring, Haunting Hour, The Little Prince, Black Eyed Dog and Interstellar to name a few. In Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms, she has been cast as Clara. The movie is releasing in 2018.

she has been cast as Clara

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12She was homeschooled

Mackenzie has been homeschooled alongside with her older brother in Los Angeles, California.

Mackenzie has been homeschooled

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13She set up a swear jar during filming of breaking dawn

During the filming of Breaking Dawn, Mackenzie Foy had set up a swear jar where everyone who sweared would have to donate something to it. The proceeds she collected, she later donated to a charity at St Judes. Incidentally, her favorite scene during the movie was when she got to ride a mechanical wolf which she named the Jacob wolf.

Mackenzie Foy

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