Keep faith in romance: These 10 celebrity couples proved It!

Many of us would probably think that there is really no such thing as “romance” and that eventually, there would be no more kind of relationship that would stay forever. But those kinds of things would only be thought of due to bitterness from past relationships gone wrong. Not all people would think that way when they see how these 10 couples prove that notion wrong!

Check them out. Know their stories. And with this, you’ll surely want to try to open yourself to love once again. There is still hope for everything!

1 Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox

Since July 1988, Michael and Tracy’s marriage has been very successful and happy. According to one of Michael’s interviews, he said that they both shared a very balanced kind of relationship. They worked out their differences because Michael is an optimist while Tracy is quite a realist. He said they share good times together despite their differences because they happen to ‘complete each other’.

Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox

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