The most amazing facts about Hollywood’s daredevil stuntman and movie director , Jackie Chan

Among all Asian actors in Hollywood, none is as famous and versatile as the beloved Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan gave us many exciting moments in Hollywood where he displayed how great an actor he is. But what makes Jackie so exciting are the many facts associated with him throughout his chequered history as an all round entertainer. Here they are! The amazing facts about Jackie Chan


1 Jackie Chan Was Accidentally Injured By Bruce Lee with a Nunchuck

Did you know that Jackie has a plastic plug in his skull? This happened due to an accident while filming one of his action movies.

Among his worst and really painful injuries was the one he sustained while filming with Bruce Lee on the sets of ‘Enter the Dragon’. Bruce Lee hit Jackie accidentally on the nose with a nunchuk. Incidentally Jackie also assisted Bruce as a fight coordinator for the famous 1973 movie.


His real name is Chan Kong Shang, which means ‘born in Hong Kong.’ But while working on a construction site in Australia he was nicknamed ‘Jackie,’ all because they couldn’t pronounce his name.

Bruce Lee Was Accidently Injured By Bruce Lee with a Nun Chuck

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2 Jackie Chan Has Broken His Nose Thrice

Jackie Chan performs his own stunts and hence got his nose broken thrice. He has broken almost every finger on his hand and his ankle once. He has also broken his skull once and both his cheekbones too.

As coincidence would have it, prior to the attack on the WTC, Jackie Chan was supposed to play the role of a window washer atop the WTC in the film “Nosebleed”. His role required him to fight a terrorist and ward of a terrorist plot. The film was obviously cancelled.


He does his own dubbing in English for his Asian movies as well as dubbing the mandarin voice-over for his English Movies.

Jackie Chan Has Broken His Nose Thrice

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3 Jackie Chan Actually Kicks His Co-Stars and Stuntmen

The realistic actor that he is, Jackie makes his actors put on special body padding because in every fight scene he ACTUALLY kicks and punches them.

Jackie Chan owns his own stunt company, which no insurance company covers, so he pays for the insurance of his stuntmen. Most of the team can be seen as extras in all his films. They are Andy Kay, Nicky Li, Chung Chen and Bradley James Alan.

Jackie Chan is a trained martial artist well versed in all the famous styles of Taekwondo, BJJ, Judo, Hapkido, karate and Jeet Kune Do, which he learnt from none other than the great man himself Bruce Lee!

Jackie Chan Actually Kicks His Co Stars and Stuntmen

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4 Jackie Chan Does Not Advocate Violence and is a Peace loving Man

Despite of the violence in his films, Jackie himself is a peace loving man. According to him, in his entire life he has fought only one real fight all because his friends forced him to do so.

Jackie Chan has a big regret! He never had formal education. This motivated him to donate to several educational institutions worldwide.

The means of communication used by Jackie Chan and his stuntmen to coordinate their fight scenes are grunting noises.

Jackie Chan Does Not Advocate Violence

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5 Jackie Chan’s Son Will Not Get Any of His Money

Believe this or not but Jackie Chan does not intend to leave his $ 130 million fortune to his Son. As per his wishes, his son should make it on his own steam. If he does not have that ability, he may just about blow up the entire fortune.

During the 1980s and till the 90s Jackie Chan and his team carried multiple weapons such a grenades and guns as protection from the evil intentions of the dangerous TRIAD gang


Jackie Chan was nicknamed the cannonball by his mother because of the long 12 months he spent in her womb. Among the most amazing facts about Jackie Chan is that today he is a Guinness world record holder as the only living actor to have performed the most number of live stunts in his movies.

Jackie Chan’s Son Will Not Get Any of His Money

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