Here’s How 20 Of The Most Beautiful Supermodels Look Without Makeup

When you think supermodel, you always think of someone super beautiful. Well that’s what supermodels are meant to be since they get paid millions just to walk that ramp. But what we always see is a supermodel with all her makeup and finery. Rarely do we see supermodels without makeup and one wonders then what exactly would they look like without that painted face. Here’s the answer for twelve famous names in the industry.

1 Irina Shayk

Here’s Irina Shayk. There can be no doubt, she is one big looker who stuns and captivates everyone when strutting on the ramp but when she is without makeup it is another story altogether. The image below says it all.

Irina Shayk

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2 Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid looks all prim and proper when she is walking the ramp for her favorite designer Tommy Hilfiger but without makeup, she looks as if she just woke up in the morning. That is exactly what happens to your face when you are a socialite and a celeb who will be sleeping as less as possible. That’s your face without makeup.

Gigi Hadid

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3 Adriana Lima

Well, The Brazilian Victoria secret model is one hot looker no doubt. She was named Victoria secret’s most valuable secret angel of 2017 and was the second highest earning model in 2016. But without makeup, there is a vast difference although she doesn’t look that bad. In fact, that’s her natural look.

Adriana Lima

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4 Candice Swapnoel

Candice Swapnoel is another Victoria secret supermodel from South Africa who vowed the ramp with her beautiful looks. She too was on the Forbes list of the 8th highest paid models of 2016 and with a face like that it’s understood but!! There’s always another side and Candice shows that too without makeup she is just another plain Jane.

Candice Swapnoel

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5 Allessandra Ambrosio

This is another Brazilian superhot Victoria secret model who also became the company’s spokesperson for their PINK line. She has been touted by some magazines as among the top 100 beautiful women in the world. Well, what would you say to her looks without makeup? She doesn’t look too bad does she? She looks just as cute.

Allessandra Ambrosio

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