Hollywood’s top 7 rudest celebrities

They are what they are because of their fans who appreciate their work and are actually investing their money to watch their movies, concerts and shows, not to mention all the merchandise with their faces and names on it. But, apparently these big headed celebrities believe they are a gift from God and act terribly with their own fans.


1 Jared Leto

Some fans call him Jesus because of his long hair and his angelic face, but Mister Leto doesn’t seem to be so angelic when it comes to fans. Leto allegedly humiliated a fan and her mother during one of his concerts. He was also accused of making a fan cry after he screamed obscenities at her. The rock star has also been filmed hitting his fans with a microphone while crowd surfing. It wasn’t too long ago when the social media was bombed with an accusation of one of his groupies, who claimed that he practically raped her.

Jared Leto

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2 Gwyneth Paltrow

She is one of the least favorite people in Hollywood and we don’t know whether it’s because she constantly tries to look like a royalty or her actual rude behavior. At times, even her co-workers have complained that she was difficult to work with. Her fans, especially mothers were very much insulted when she said that there was nothing challenging in being a mother or having a regular office job, at least not as challenging as being an actress.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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3 Kanye West

But we already knew this! His rude interruption of Taylor Swift’s award acceptance speech was one of the most idiotic things he has ever done. Besides, he is full of himself, he was violent towards a photographer and an 18-year-old fan that approached him.

Kanye West

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4 Britney Spears

Britney allegedly screamed at an 8-year-old fan and even insulted the child. She is also known to refuse pictures with fans, doesn’t sign autographs, and doesn’t allow the fans to touch her. Besides these stories, she still has a pretty big fan base, probably feeling for her since her downfall in 2007 when she shaved her head and acted like a complete lunatic, attacking a paparazzi car with an umbrella.

Britney Spears

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5 Jennifer Lopez

Her song “Jenny from the Block” isn’t quite suitable for her anymore, because she is definitely not the same poor girl from Bronx. Apparently, Jennifer hates talking to any of the mere mortals such as waiters, hotel staff and sales people. She goes that far by telling her assistants to do that for her. Once a flight attendant asked her what she wanted to drink, but J. Lo just turned to her assistant and said, “Please tell him I’d like a diet coke and lime.” Allegedly Jennifer got a maid fired for asking for her autograph. The maid was refused her autograph by two assistants who were waiting in front of the room where Lopez was.

Jennifer Lopez

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6 Kim Kardashian

According to her husband of 72 days, Chris Humphreys, Kim was ungrateful and rude to her fans (not directly). She was calling them “nobodies”, “pathetic”, “stupid imbeciles”, etc. Her ex-husband claims that he has voice mails to prove this. Apparently Miss Talentless Reality Star has forgotten that her family’s reality show exists because of those “stupid imbeciles”.

Kim Kardashian

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7 Justin Bieber

The kid that came from Canada and became a star overnight, literally has no right to be anything but grateful to their fans. But as he is growing older and not so much smarter, he is seen, doing pretty stupid things. It wasn’t that long time ago when paparazzi pictured him spitting over fans over the balcony and these pictures took over the Internet. Other time he appeared on a show in London so late that most of his young fans were forced to go home, heartbroken that they haven’t seen their idol. Many fans were devastated when he refused to sign an autograph or take a picture with them, and the number of insulted fans personally by him isn’t small at all. Apparently, the kid isn’t aware that he would have been just another sweet singing boy on YouTube if it wasn’t for the millions of fans that supported him and his career.

Justin Bieber

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