Hollywood Celebrities who tied the knot way too soon! 9 Teenage Celeb-Marriages that all ended in divorce.


Media hype makes a celebrity’s wedding a huge deal. And more often than not, a number of celebrities jump the gun when it comes to marriage. There are a handful who decided to get hitched even before they turned 20. Most of these marriages ended up in failure, and recollection of the same is probably a sheepish walk down memory lane.

Here’s a compiled list of the few celebrities who walked down the aisle a little too soon.

1 Demi Moore

Prior to her two high-profile weddings to popular celebrities – Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, respectively, and a few engagements that were called off, Demi married singer Freddy Moore when she was just seventeen years old. Her marriage to Freddy lasted only four years, but the surname still remains. Demi Moore derived her stage name from her first husband and decided to keep it even after the divorce.

Demi Moore

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