These 9 Hollywood actors made life hell for their co-stars

4 Robert Pattinson – Runny nose

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon starred in Water for Elephants and had lots of kissing scenes together. During filming of one such scene, Pattinson was sick and had a runny nose. He said that it was so terrible that eventually he even wiped his nose on a wig that Witherspoon was wearing in the scene. C’mon dude!! Keep a Kleenex in your pocket and use it.

Robert Pattinson – Runny nose

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5 Jennifer Grey – attitude problems

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey made silver screen history with their hot and sensuous outing in Dirty Dancing. Their hot chemistry made it the movie to watch, for romantic couples in the 80s. But Swayze, who passed away a few years ago, wrote in his memoir that Grey was an absolute baby on the sets. She would get upset at even the little of criticism or suggestion on her performance. She would laugh and do silly things when they were filming serious scenes. Swayze said it was difficult to work with such an actor who could not keep a straight face during a serious scene.

Jennifer Grey – attitude problems

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