These 9 Hollywood actors made life hell for their co-stars

2 Jennifer Aniston – Terrible Kisser

Adam Baldwin is a respectable actor who has done some amazing work on both TV and big screen. He co-starred with the beautiful Jennifer Aniston on TV show 30 Rock. Aniston is well-known for portraying the hip Rachel Green on sitcom FRIENDS and has been an object of fantasy for many people since then. Baldwin, however had a terrible experience working with her and said that she is the worst kisser in movie world. He said that “it was painful, I mean, every man who’s had to make out with her in TV and movies – I don’t know how they do it.”

Jennifer Aniston – Terrible Kisser

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3 Harrison Ford – Terrible Kisser

Another similar terrible kisser tag has been earned by Harrison Ford. Ford, who will be immortalized for his roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, has been labeled an awful kisser by Dame Helen Mirren. Mirren described Ford as the sweetest guy, but said that he couldn’t kiss on screen to save his life. She went ahead and said that he might not be good in real life either.

Harrison Ford – Terrible Kisser

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