These 9 Hollywood actors made life hell for their co-stars


We all have problems with a particular co-worker due to their habits. It may be bad breath, nose picking, or something that is generally disgusting. They are well aware of their quirky actions, but continue to keep it going. Some people moan too much, some complain too much and some are just not co-operative at all and since they are co-workers, we have to tolerate them. And it doesn’t happen to common people only, it also happens to big movie stars, who generally work with a plethora of co-stars during a movie. But even they find it hard to work with people. Their major concern is bad breath of co-stars, since they have to kiss them many times while shooting for the movie.

Here are 9 such stars that disgusted their co-stars with their habits and mainly bad breath.

1 Johnny Depp – Bad Breath

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie worked together on ‘The Tourist’. During the filming, Jolie was tired of Depp’s bad breath and often used to pass him breath mints, mostly before a scene where the two actors kissed each other. Depp himself admitted to some of his friends that Jolie indeed was peeved about his bad breath and even made Depp use Listerine before a lengthy kiss scene.

Johnny Depp – Bad Breath

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