Here are some successful plastic surgeries of celebrities that transformed them for the better


In the world of glamour and glitter, little lifts and tuck-ins are very common. Many of our beloved Hollywood celebrities have gone the extra mile to get the look they want or get a step closer to perfection. Of course, some of these surgeries were disastrous for few people, but for some, it worked like a charm and added to their looks.While some celebrities got the humble nose job, some others chose to accentuate their breasts and hips. Here are some of the most successful plastic surgeries that made these celebrities look so much better.

1 Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson is one of the most referred and talked about example when it comes to successful plastic surgeries. She was always so beautiful but once she swapped her Roman nose for a much slimmer one, her look changed completely. The changes were so evident that she couldn’t deny the surgery for long.

Ashlee Simpson

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2 Geri Halliwell

Famous as Ginger spice of the Spice Girls in 1990’s, Geri Halliwell was always adored for her petite figure until she took up extreme dieting that shrunk her breasts and made her look less attractive. But in 2001, she got breast implants and also put on some weight for the better. This look suits her best!

Geri Halliwell

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3 Jennifer Aniston

We have all loathed how amazingly beautiful Rachel, (Jennifer Aniston) from ‘Friends’ was. And even at the age of 53, Jennifer Aniston makes people turn their heads in her direction. She is another actress who got her nose fixed and enjoyed a successful transformation. Although there are rumors that she has invested in Botox and face lifts, it’s not substantiated.

Jennifer Aniston

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4 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is rumoured to have fixed more than just her nose and eyebrows, but whatever it is, we cannot deny how it has worked so well for her. Kim Kardashian rose to fame with her show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and overnight, people were fawning over everything related to her. Well, such is being famous and a celebrity.

Kim Kardashian

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5 Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas has gone through a lot; he fought cancer, his wife was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and his son was jailed. All these worries made his face look tired and the wrinkles looked deeper, and then he chose a subtle face lift. It enhanced his charisma and didn’t iron out the wrinkles, which instead, gave him a ‘gracefully aging look’.

Michael Douglas

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6 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga wasn’t just famous for her weird outfits but also for her ‘poker face’ but that is history. She went under the knife and got a nose job done that has rendered her an amazing look. Well, thank heavens, the surgeons didn’t go overboard and change it completely. She still looks like the Lady Gaga we love.

Lady Gaga

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7 Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger, a famous German actor and also a former fashion model was spot on at getting breast implants. Well, most women have size issues and not all do something about it. Diane Kruger’s new breasts are just perfect and suit her really well.

Diane Kruger

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8 Megan Fox

The ‘Transformers’ actor who stole so many hearts and had us bumped, got rid of the bump on her nose. Well, she was always adored but her nose structure looks mighty fine after the surgery. She is one of the best examples of successful plastic surgeries.

Megan Fox

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9 Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale always looked gorgeous but she surprised us after her nose job, teeth fixing and gum reduction by looking more stunning than ever. Kate’s surgery shows how minimal work – when needed – can completely change a person’s look.

Kate Beckinsale

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10 Scarlett Johansson

Yes, you heard that right! Scarlett Johansson is the perfect woman alive, according to many. So what did she have to change about her looks? All she did was refine her nose that looked slightly big and we sure weren’t disappointed with the results as she looked utter ravishing than earlier.

Scarlett Johansson

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11 Timothy Olyphant

The hunky heartthrob dazzled us with his bright smile and flaunted his new set of shiny teeth. The word is that he must have got some Botox lift on his forehead. Well, whatever is it that he has got done, we are certainly happy with his new look.

Most of the celebrities have given a bad name to plastic surgeries, because they overdid it. But, these celebrities got only a few features enhanced through plastic and cosmetic surgeries, and the results of these successful plastic surgeries are for the world to see.

Timothy Olyphant

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