This guy eye contacted with Beyonce and you won’t believe what happened next!

People are usually awestruck when it comes to meeting celebrities. Most of us just approach the celebrity and either ask for an autograph or ask for a selfie with the celeb. Most of the celebrities are nice enough to oblige for an autograph and some even are okay with taking a selfie with their fans. But what if you find a celeb sitting next to you either at a game or on a flight? What is your reaction to that situation? Whatever, it may be, but we just hope it isn’t the same as this guy’s. See this guy’s reaction when he found the sexy Beyonce sitting next to him at a basketball game.

1 This guy looks Beyonce in her eyes

You can see celebrities visiting basketball games all the time. Thanks to their stardom and clout, most of the celebs can be seen sitting in the front row of the NBA games. One such celebrity couple who is regular at the front row of NBA play-off games is pop singer Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z. The celebrity couple was recently spotted together in the front row in NBA playoffs. The couple looked happy with each other despite some rumors of unfaithfulness among them.

 looks Beyonce in her eyes

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They were sitting and enjoying the show and each other amidst the whole game. There was also a person by the name of Steve Cespedes, who was seated near them and like any other normal fan, kept looking at the couple, especially the extremely beautiful Beyonce. Ultimately, Beyonce caught Steve looking at her and their eyes met. What happened next was amazing.


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