12 Great photos from 8 year term of President Barack Obama out of 2 million photos

US President Barack Obama will be stepping down from his post in January this year after two terms. His replacement will be billionaire Donald Trump who shocked the world by defeating US favorite Hillary Clinton in the elections last year. White house official photographer Pete Souza captured more than 2 million moments of Obama while he was in the office and we bring to you 12 of those moments in images that will always be remembered by people all over.


1 At the end of the rainbow

Barack Obama will be ending his second term as US president soon and he strived hard to make relations with US allies stronger and with US enemies, a bit more cordial. This meant he travelled all over the world in order to get America in good books of other countries.

At the end of the rainbow

Image Source: www.essence.com

2 Never let the humor go out of system

Obama is also considered to be one of the most easy going presidents US ever had. He loved to play pranks on his staff and always loved to be one of the guys rather than be an autocratic president.

Never let the humor go out of system

Image Source: www.niwoshe.com

3 A leader to the core

Humility was one of the foremost qualities of Obama and even his cleaning staff and drivers and wait staff loved and respected him to the core. He was open to discussions and even helped them whenever needed and here you can see Custodian Lawrence Lipscomb getting a fist bump from Obama.

President Obama A leader to the core

Image Source: www.bummagazin.com

4 The family man

This is the first family portrait when he became the president of US in 2008. This shows how close a family man Obama is and how lovely his family is. His wife Michelle Obama is widely regarded as one of the best first lady in US history.

Barack Obama with Family

Image Source: www.theatlantic.com

5 Even babies loved him

Here you see one year old Lincoln Rose Smith holding hands of Obama and learning to walk. Rose Smith is the daughter of former Deputy Press Secretary Jamie Smith and this photo was taken on the day, Smith departed from the white house.

Obama playing with baby kid

Image Source: www.pudelek.pl

6 He loved animals

This is Obama’s pet dog Bo and Obama participating in a run together in the halls of the White House. He loved his pet and other animals as well and this is just one of the best pics ever to be taken showing Obama’s concern for our furry friends.

Obama running with the dog

Image Source: www.aftonbladet-cdn.se

7 He knew how to have fun

Being US president is not a job for the faint hearted and there is the burden of almost the whole world, apart from USA on the person performing the duties as president of US. But Obama knew how to wind down with his staff, as he is seen here watching a football game in the white house theatre.

President Obama watching movie

Image Source: www.forbes.com

8 Sports fanatic

Obama was known to be one of the most fittest US president ever and he involved his staff in his daily exercise regime in way of exciting basketball games. Obama was a good player of basketball and he kept his staff on toes and fit at all times.

Obama is Sports fanatic

Image Source: www.netdna-ssl.com


9 Loved fast food

On the other hand, Obama also knew to let himself go once in a while and ordered fast food at local joints when he was on tours in US or foreign nations. He loved having fast food once in a while and took advantage of doing so on his tours and mingles with the local people and having a good time.

Loved fast food

Image Source: www.business-punk.com

10 A great lover

Barack and Michelle Obama will go down as one of the best romantic presidential couples of all time. Their love for each other was evident from their photo-ops and Obama had a controversy free term as President, showing he was devoted to his wife. Michelle on other hand did excellent PR work for Obama and made herself an identity different from just being a First Lady.

Barack and Michelle Obama

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

11 Doing his job

He spent lots of time doing his work and things like 78 consecutive months of progressive economy, brining the unemployment rate from 10.1% in 2009 to 4.9% in 2016 are some of the results of the huge number of hours Obama put in the Oval office. He did his job and did it with all his heart.

Obama at his office

Image Source: www.economic.bg


12 The moment that defined him

Every president has had a moment that has defined his term as US President. Something that has being the identifier for that president and this epic photo of Obama and his staff looking at the operation carried out to find Osama and kill him in Abbottabad in Pakistan will define him in annals of US history. He will be remembered as the President who finally fulfilled the promise he made of finding the person responsible for 9/11 and killing him.

President obama in a meeting

Image Source: www.clubz.bg


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