Google’s top 10 most searched female celebrities

Google is the most used search engine in the World Wide Web. And one the biggest searches done on Google are on celebrities from all around the world. We would always look at female celebrities to follow the latest fashion trend or follow them on the most recent internet gossip. In other occasions we search for female celebrities because of the most recent social media hype and we just can’t get over these international personalities.

In the past year, numerous hits on female celebrities were searched on practically every computer in the world. Those who have internet, that is. Female celebrities aren’t always looked up on the internet because you love them but sometimes also of the fact that major gossips or scandals revolve around them. Whether hated or loved these female celebrities hit the world by storm through the Google Search Engine.

Let’s see who the Top 10 Most Searched Female Celebrities in Google in the past year.

1 Britney Spears

From ten years ago to now, Britney Spears is definitely a celebrity that lights up the top of the limelight. Her unfading beauty is just as it was from way back. Her major turnaround from one of the most gossiped celebrities, she is now one celebrity that is utterly oved to have come back into Hollywood. And her amazing comeback is so unstoppable that last year she was the most searched female celebrity in Google.

Britney Spears

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