Gabourey Sidibe Who Starred In ‘Precious’ Is Going Through Unbelievable Weight Transformation

7Sidibe even consulted a doctor

“I found a doctor and told her everything that was wrong with me. I’d never run down the entire list before, but as I heard myself, I could sense that dealing with this on my own was definitely no longer an option,” she wrote.

Sidibe even consulted a doctor

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8Sidibe describes her way to deal with mental health

Sidibe, who is also a regular on the hit show Empire, described the way she counters threat to her mental health and as well as bulimia. She said that there is a way she copes with her depression and that was never to lose weight.

Sidibe describes her way to deal with mental health

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9Sidibe consulted a nutritionist

“I have a nutritionist that I really like. I haven’t felt like purposely going to throw up. For years, I have not felt that way. But if I ever do, I just have to remember to do the things that make me feel good as opposed to the things that make me feel bad,” she revealed.

Sidibe consulted a nutritionist

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10Sidibe is losing weight

Now, Sidibe is not just eating carefully but she also indulge in regular exercises. She also gives glimpses of her weight regime on her Instagram account where she has 1.3 million followers. With all these efforts, Sidibe is definitely losing weight but at the same time, she also does not want attention being given to this fact.

Sidibe is losing weight

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