Gabourey Sidibe Who Starred In ‘Precious’ Is Going Through Unbelievable Weight Transformation

4Sidibe battled depression since college

But, Sidibe was very committed towards her work and thankfully she did not quit.
But, she had to pay a price for it as it was hard dealing with the cruel world. Sidibe, in her own book, This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare, said that she battled depression since college.

Sidibe battled depression since college

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5Sidibe hated everything about herself

“I couldn’t stop crying. I hated everything about myself,” Sidibe wrote in her autobiography’s one of the most poignant sections. She also discussed her struggles with bulimia.

Sidibe hated everything about herself

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6Sidibe would cry incessantly

“Often, when I was too sad to stop crying, I drank a glass of water and ate a slice of bread, and then I threw it up,” she recalled. “After I did, I wasn’t as sad anymore; I finally relaxed. So I never ate anything until I wanted to throw up – and only when I did could I distract myself from whatever thought was swirling around my head,” she said.

Sidibe would cry incessantly

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