15 Famous Celebs And The Stories Behind Their Iconic Tattoos

People love tattoos. Not only do they look good and make you stand out but you can get anything inked on your skin which will then remain forever. This is the aspect of tattooing that most people love. The fact that you can get a visual representation of something or someone that means a lot to you permanently sketched on your skin is a great way to keeping them close to your heart. Many of our favorite celebs have tattoos of things that mean a lot to them.


1Ariana Grande

The Manchester Arena was the site for a terror attack by a suicide bomber on 22 May 2017. This led to the death of 22 people and injured 500 more. This happened while singer Ariana Grande was performing her show. To honor those who lost their lives she got a tattoo of a bee near her ear which is a symbol of Manchester.

Ariana Grande

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2Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas showed off his new tattoo on social media in October 2019 and his fans went crazy. The pop superstar got a tattoo dedicated to his wife Danielle. It is a very minimalist piece of art but it is still so sweet. The tattoo is based on Kevin’s wife, Danielle Jonas’, appearance in the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker” music video.

Kevin Jonas tattoo story

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The singer is known for her large upside-down horseshoe tattoo. Most people would not get a tattoo like this as an upside-down horseshoe is considered a bad omen which brings bad luck. This is why the singer got the tattoo as she does not believe in luck but instead believes in working hard to achieve your dreams.

Halsey Tattoo story

Image Source: businessinsider.sg


4Grant Gustin

The actor is best known for playing the role of ‘Barry Allen’ on the CW series ‘The Flash’. His best friend is his dog Jett who is one of the most adorable celebrity dogs ever. The two have been through a lot as Grant described on his social media which is why he got a tattoo of Jett to keep him close.

Grant Gustin

Image Source: imgur.com


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