9 Famous Celebrities Who Have Undergone Big Tragedies in Life

People and fans envy celebrities because they think that the glamorous life they lead is a chance of a lifetime and is filled with fame, beauty and money. What many don’t know is that many celebrities weren’t exactly born with silver spoons in their mouth. They came from poor families or struggled on their own to make it big in Hollywood. Take for example Charlize Theron who saw her mother shoot her stepfather or Oprah Winfrey who suffered child abuse at the hands of an uncle and her cousins. Here are 9 such celebrities who have gone through tragedies since childhood.


1Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron 43 winner of an Oscar for her role in Monster is one beautiful actress in Hollywood but none would guess what she has been through in her younger days. Her father was an alcoholic who would beat up her mother and once when she was 15, he threatened them with a gun after which her mom grabbed the gun and shot him instead. There were no charges against her because it was self-defense.

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2A Knee injury almost ended her career

In her early days she worked as a model in Europe till a knee injury ended her career. She made her way to L.A. where she lived in cheap hotels and almost starved at times because of no money. In 1995 an altercation with a bank teller who refused to honor a $500 check turned out such a dramatic event that she was noticed by producer John Crosby who helped her get into acting school. 3 years later she was given her first role in “the Devil’s Advocate opposite Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. The rest is history.

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3Rose McGowan

Rose Mcgowan the star of Charmed was born into an American family living in Florence and belonging to the Italian division of the hippie cult who called themselves the “children of God” now named simply The Family. The cult gained notoriety for encouraging physical relations with children and that was when her father Daniel decided to escape. The entire family was also shown on TV after that.

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4A victim of divorced parents

In the US, her parents soon divorced and Rose was left with her mother but her mother’s lover convinced her that she was a drug addict and had Rose sent to a clinic from where she escaped and lived with her Grandmother. When Rose was 16, she began to live with her boyfriend who unfortunately died. Rose was homeless and slept on streets. The next year she managed to enter art school in Seattle and that was when she got lucky to embark on a movie career.

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5Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey needs no introduction as one of the highest paid comedians in Hollywood but Jim didn’t exactly have a happy childhood. When his father lost his job, he started working at a factory where the entire family had to work where Jim and his siblings did cleaning and washing floors and toilets. When his parents left the job, the family lived in an RV.

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